Car Caddy Activity Mat

O-M-G! I haven’t been this excited about finishing a project in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved all the projects I’ve made. But because this one’s for Josh’s 3rd birthday present, I know how excited he’s gonna be when he sees it.

This fantabulous On-The-Go Car Activity Mat project is by Lisa from Fiskarscraft.



I started it this afternoon. Unfortunately, the pictures from Fiskarscraft’s tutorial does not work, so I was guided just by the instructions. However, Cathy from Created by Cathy (a fellow Australian) was good enough to make up templates for the 4 interactive sections. This made it a lot easier to get it all done.

The instructions don’t provide guided measurements for each piece, so if you wanted to make one yourself, here’s a few measurements I’ve calculated:

  • Size of exterior fabric and green lining – 26″ x 18.5″
  • 1 piece of grey felt for the road – 20″ x 16″ (Cut out 4 rectangular sections (5″ x 7″)  with 2″ border and “2 gap from each other)
  • Pocket fabric – 7.5″ x 18.5″ – folded in half length ways

These might make it a bit easier for those who want to try this project. I didn’t have a whole piece of 20″ x 16″ grey felt, so I just pieced a lot of sections together.


For the exterior fabric, I took advantage of my never-ending stash of  road fabric bought a while back.



So I used this for the exterior of the car activity mat. Then I used red fabric for the pocket and added a black ribbon that looked like a little road (I would’ve like to have added a checked ribbon but alas, just gotta use what I’ve got – still turned out great though).


This fabric is great ’cause now the caddy is double-sided, which means double the adventure for Josh’s imagination.


Now, here’s the other side.

The little orange witch’s hat can be pushed up during play; the bubbles from the car wash is made of clear buttons (clever); the petrol pump is made from a shoe lace (I didn’t have black ones so I just coloured a white one with a black marker) and don’t you just love the little pond.


The tutorial has instructions to add ties to close up the mat, but I thought Josh is not that good yet with tying up secure knots, so I added velcro instead.



Then I had a stroke of genius when I happen to drop something and when I picked it up, caught a glimpse of my camera tripod case and it’s straps. I wanted the activity mat to have similar ones. So I looked through my bag accessories gadget kit and saw a clip buckle and I used black webbing for the straps (which I made adjustable to be able to be worn across the chest).


Here’s how it turned out.


Can’t wait for Josh to see it. I was going to finish it by monogramming Joshua’s name on the pockets with different coloured felt + close up the opening, but I wanted to get this post written up. Will update this post later with the monogram.

Yay! Me so happy!


EDIT:  Here are the final touches to the car caddy activity mat.


I coloured in the white velcro to match the fabric so it wouldn’t stand out too much when the exterior side is being used.


 And I added Joshua’s name on top of the pockets. So all is ready for playtime.