More Twinkle Lights

Finally got a hold of the Kmart LED Twinkle Lights. You can find the blog post in my MarianeofCYSN site 🙂


Picture Ledge Art

Continuing the pretty-ing up my place project, I’ve moved on to another wall at our place.

After taking down our fabric Christmas tree …


… the wall is looking empty and bare. So off to Pinterest I go to get some inspirations.

Photo courtesy of Decoholic Interior Designs

Photo courtesy of IKEA

Photo courtesy of Smart Furniture

Photo courtesy of Very First Apartment


You can see more pics in my Ledge Art Pin Board.

Now here’s what I have so far.

wall 1


  1. Armchair, black picture ledge, lamp, wooden figurine, black picture frame and corner TV table from IKEA (can you tell I love IKEA)
  2. Ottoman from Kmart (holds more of my fabric stash)
  3. Cushion (on sale for $10) and faux succulent pot plant (1 of 3) from Typo
  4. Plain white canvas that I put a vinyl typography “but first, coffee” using Picmonkey to create the words and my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the transfer vinyl.


5. Free Flamingo printable from Oh So Lovely

Photo courtesy of Oh So Lovely

I cropped it into a square to fit the square picture frame.


2 more items I want to get to complete the wall is a big letter “C” from Typo and a set of 3 faux succulents pot plants from Kmart


One of the things I want to do more in 2016 is to have friends over and just enjoy some good company. So having my place all nice and pretty and welcoming will push me to pick up the phone and invite friends over.

Now as for the sewing table side of my work area that I put the peg board up on – original post here


… it’s still a work in progress, but I have added a few things on it.


Rail with hanging buckets to house the tools I need, thread and thread holders, scissors (I used wooden golf tees and cut them short to hang the scissors in place) and other pretty things (wooden house, mini buckets and clipboard with felt swatches). I am adding to it organically, seeing what items I need while sewing but also making it a little artistic.

So there you are. Very happy at the moment that I will welcome 2016 with a nice apartment to look at.

Do you have any goals, plans that you want to do in the New Year?

Peg Board Storage

Today’s tidy and organise area is my sewing machine desk. I used to have 2 cork boards there, but since I used them on the vision board desk side of my work station, I was left with a blank wall. Below is the finished vision board.


I had a couple of peg boards I bought a while back from Bunnings that I had up at one time, then took it down when I rearranged my work space for the nth time. So, got I got one of them out of the cupboard and screwed it to the wall.


I gathered some inspirations from Pinterest for ideas on how I can set it up.

Photo courtesy of Fabric Paper Glue

Photo courtesy of Ginger Snap Crafts

Photo courtesy of Bloglovin’

Photo courtesy of iHeart Organization

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Photo courtesy of Craft-O-Maniac


I’ve pinned some more pictures in my Creative Space Pinterest board. Before I get started though, I have to find all the hooks that inserts into the peg board. I must have cleaned up so well, that now I can’t find where its new home is …. hmmm!?

Going to try my best to get everything sorted in my work space before Christmas, if not before my younger boy’s birthday on the 30th … or before New Year’s Eve … fingers crossed!



Desk Area Update

On Saturday, I posted about making one desk in my work area nice and pretty – original post here.

Later that day, I did put up some prints just to get the corkboard started.

Here’s where I got up to.


The art work are all free printable downloads and here is a list of them.

  1. “dreams don’t work unless you do.” by Salt and Paperie
  2. Bear Hug by Lena Dor
  3. Ferris Wheel postcards by Oh So Lovely via Paisley Vintage
  4. Wheels on the Bus by Kinderkamer Stylist
  5. Love glitter by Love from the Oven
  6. “do more of what makes you happy” by Beauty & the Beard
  7. “Light up my world” by Charlotte Ananbar
  8. Flamingo by Simply {Darr}ling


Once I started to print a few, I customised the sizes to fit the spaces left on the corkboard. Other items in the picture include picture ledge, 3 battery operated lights, cork boards, wooden figure and circle cork mat all from IKEA. Lamp, candle and tulips in vase from K-mart, wooden house from Cotton On, twine by The Wrapping Paper Co., 365 Notebook from Kikki K, tree jewellery organiser from Dymocks Stationery and nail polishes by Chi Chi Cosmetics from Target. Necklaces are my own (well the one on the right is my Mum’s that I am yet to return LOL).

Please note, mention of retail brands are not sponsored and are of my own opinion.

So getting there. If you have any favourite free printable, let me know in the comment section below.

Oh P.S. I took down the calendar from the corkboard because I was taking it on and off to write on it, so I just keep it on my desk.

Okay, chat to you later!

Desk Area

I have officially signed off the “creating” schedule. So now concentrating on “beautifying” my creative space and have been spending a bit of time today on Pinterest checking out the beautiful desk spaces out there – you can check out my pins here

I’ve rearranged my cork boards so that 3 are above my “looking nice” desk (this won’t be my actual work desk – that one is just to the right of this that house the big mess). This one will be the one I hopefully keep nice and neat for any picture backdrops.


So now I’ve been looking around the place to find things to use as little displays. I’m not very good at styling so am really using my pins for lots of inspiration.

I was looking for a free printable 2016 calendar to add to the corkboard and came across Kate’s version from Small Paper Things

Photo courtesy of Small Paper Things

I love how she uses washi tape to show length of certain events. I’ve printed December’s one and getting January’s ready for a couple of weeks’ time (adding my own special events on it)

Additional prints I will add as I go along so it’s a bit more organic rather than forced!

In the meantime, wishing you all the best over this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

me xmas 2015 2.jpg

Finally … Our Bedroom Cleaned & Organised

Our poor bedroom has always been a dumping ground for most of our … no, my stuff! It’s never had a style or been decorated and most of my clothes were a permanent feature, on the floor. And poor hubby always has to hear me say “I don’t have anything to wear!” He pointed out to me the other day that he has seen clothes of mine that still had its tags on it.

I’m not a hoarder or anything like that. It’s just other things have taken up my time, like sewing, getting my boys’ bedroom organised and of course, recently our lounge room.


So, after having to maneuver over my clothes on the floor at night in the dark too many times, it was time to get them sorted and put away.


The wall next to my side of the bed was empty and I really couldn’t fit a clothes rack there for my clothes, so I did something similar to the picture below I found on Apartment Therapy‘s Facebook page using one of the curtain rods used for our fabric Christmas tree last year plus “S” hooks.

Apartment Therapy’s

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy


My take …


It looks like a store merchandise wall and so it’s like a throwback to my fashion retail store jobs back in the days.

I’ve kept most of the jeans in the denim blue, white and camo colourways and kept my other colour jeans in storage containers in my IKEA EXPEDIT shelves.


I originally had all the shelves filled with the black boxes, but to keep it from being too dark, I’ve displayed some of my shoes and accessories.


I’ll just need to make some cushions to add pop of colour to our bedlinen and maybe some wall hangings. But SO much better now I can easily find clothes to wear and won’t feel like a hypocrite telling my boys to clean their room, now that mine is also clean 😛