Happy Monday + My Teeny-Tiny Tooth Fairy Doll®

Hello people! It feels like I’ve been away for so long. My last Facebook post was on Friday when I re-arranged my work station and moved the computer from one desk to another.


Well I’ve sorted that but now working on the other mess that I moved around from room to room LOL! Amazing how tidy and organised you get when an apartment inspection is due 🙂

So nothing much has been happening in front of the scene, but behind I’ve been busy with a few other things and just in the last day, I’ve given myself a little personal project – I’ll let you know soon how that goes.

I’ve been busy making custom requests, so remember, if you see a My Teeny-Tiny Doll® you like and want it customised, let me know and I can see what I can do for you. As the days get closer to Christmas, lead in time for sewing custom is getting smaller so don’t leave it too late.

On Friday, my youngest (6 y.o.) lost his first tooth in the morning and then lost the second tooth later that afternoon.


The 2 had been wobbly for a while and there were already two teeth that had grown behind it – it was the same for my older boy (now 8y.o.). They like to take their time 🙂

Speaking of wobbly teeth, I had another custom request for a My Teeny-Tiny Tooth Fairy Doll®. The mum’s little girl has shown signs of a wobbly tooth and she’s chosen hair colour and style like her little one as well as the skin tone.


Ain’t she pretty!

That’s all from me for today, so wishing you a very happy Monday.


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