Josh’s Halloween Costume 2015

At first, Josh just wanted to be a ghost and put a white sheet over him with holes for the eyes. I, however suggested that that was too simple and how was he going to eat the food at his school Halloween disco with a sheet over his head and no arms!

Still not having made up his mind yet on what he wanted to be, it was a stumble through Spotlight on Sunday afternoon that he decided he wanted to be a zombie when he saw a top hat with a knife through it.

So all of this week, I got ideas together in my head on how I was going to put the outfit all together. So, we had the hat *check*

Next, zombie clothes! Hmmm? … off to YouTube I went and got great tips from the costume designer of The Walking Dead TV series (LOVE that show!) Eulyn C. Womble. In this documentary Inside The Walking Dead, at 7:57 (minutes) into the clip, she shows how she zombified an outfit.

How she cuts into the clothes. Here I am with the bread knife serrating into one of Josh’s old t-shirt.


Next, the clip shows how she sprayed the clothes to make it look like it had mold, puss, vomit and blood. I got my acrylic paints and mixed the colours to make mold (green and black), puss and vomit (yellow and brown) and blood (red and black) and diluted them with a bit of water.


Then I got a pair of his old sneakers, cut into them and also sprayed it to make it look old and muddy with blood splatter.


So that was all done yesterday morning while Josh was at school, and in the meantime I searched YouTube for zombie make-up inspiration. The videos that I liked and drew inspiration from was this one, this one, and this one.

So once Josh got home from school and had his afternoon snack, I got started on the make-up.

First, I added tissues on his cheek so I could cut into it to make a gash. I mixed a tiny bit of modge podge (or you can just use craft glue) with water to fix the tissues on his cheek – no face latex necessary.


I used the hair dryer (cool setting) to help speed up the drying process.


Once dry, I applied foundation on the tissues to blend the colour into his skin, then cut a slit in the middle of it (very carefully as not to cut into his cheek). Then opening up the tissues to make it look like a gash, I coloured the inside with a red (stay-on) lipstick as well as some black eyeliner to make the outer part of the gash old and dried up.


I then applied purple, grey and black eye shadows around his eyes to make them look sunken and dead!


After a bit more use of mixed dark grey and taupe eye shadows for the sunken cheeks and lifeless lips, he popped on his zombie costume.


And off he went to his school Halloween disco.


He walked the street …


…. terrorising the living


Trying to get to the little kids at school … Aaaaaaarrgghhhh!


If you haven’t got a costume yet for Halloween, I hope this inspires you to make a zombie outfit with what you have at home – easy and just use what you already have at home (apart from the hat).



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