What’s NEW! Wednesday

Hello everybody. Back again for “What’s NEW! Wednesday”. I’ve changed the Wednesday post series to “What’s NEW!” so it’ll keep me on track to make something new each week as we get closer to Christmas and more and more custom requests are coming in.

Speaking of Christmas, I have a couple of Christmas themed My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® to show you. First is a Christmas Ballerina MTTD.


I don’t have a name for her yet, but if you have any ideas, hit me with it below in the comment section.

Next is My Teeny-Tiny Christmas Lily Doll®


They are both available now in the shop.

While you’re there, you will also find a cute teeny-tiny Superhero.


We love our My Teeny-Tiny Captain Undies Doll® over here at CYSN Central. Have you been following his comic adventures at my Facebook page?


Well, I wish you a good day my lovelies and catch up on Facebook land.


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