Friday Finds!

In order to make sure I keep up with my blogging regularly, my aim is to have a couple or a few series per week to ensure my blog content is up to date and interesting.

So, if you are already a subscriber to my blog (if not, make sure to subscribe so you can get new blog post sent directly to your Inbox – subscribe button located at the top right hand corner!), you would have seen that on Wednesdays, I will write about “What’s Coming Up” in the world of My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® and other CYSN creations!

The first one was about My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Marlie and a matching Carry-Me Bag – blog post here. They are available now in the shop


Now for Fridays, I was thinking of having “Friday Finds!” where I can let you know what I have found for the week covering fashion, beauty, toys, arts & crafts … and anything else you may find interesting as I have.

So, to get on with it, I thought I’d start the first one with a beauty product. Recently, I am obsessing about make-up. In my 20s, I never really wore much make-up, only during special occasions, plus I had really bad acne problem that I wasn’t too keen looking at myself in the mirror. The way I had applied make-up back then was with cakey and with way too light foundation which made me look like a ghost .. a bumpy pimply ghost!

But with the all the fashion and beauty blogs and YouTube, there is enough beauty advise to help out a little old girl like me.

You would have seen on my Instagram a few beauty pic uploads already …


Anyhoo, my find for this week is Australis Cosmetics‘ AC On Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit.

Well,actually it was something else that I spotted first that lead me to the contouring kit. I was walking around in Priceline looking for whatever specials they had that day and saw this make-up brush

There was no price visible on it nor on the shelf, so I went to the front desk and asked them to scan it. It scanned $0.00 as they said it was part of the Australis AC On Tour Kit – so buy the kit and the brush was free! Me likes the sound of that.

That peaked my interest as I really liked the double ended brush with the flat angled brush on one end and the short packed bristle on the other.


I had other foundation tools at home already, but wanted to see if the flat  brush or the short bristle brush would give me better finish to my foundation application. Other foundation tools I have already include a blending sponge and a variety of blushes.

Photos courtesy of Priceline

Photos courtesy of Priceline


Here’s how I use these brushes, clockwise from L-R:  Flat foundation brush for cream contouring; Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (the gold one) for applying my liquid foundation; ModelsPrefer Airbrush Angled Contoured Brush for dabbing on cream blush on my cheeks and the MANICARE Precision Blending Sponge for dabbing and blending my under eye concealer.

I mean really, I had enough brushes so didn’t really need another one … but I did have a look at the contouring kit anyway.


Now what caught my eye with this kit is the top middle shade. There was a little sampler palette on the shelf and it swatched bright yellow. I saw somewhere on YouTube that yellow powder under the eye brightens it and can counter act any redness or dullness. So I did a test on my under eyes in the shop and it worked. It didn’t look yellow, it just blended in nicely. Oh and also, “they” say (make up experts that is) that it’s good to set cream under eye concealer with a powder so it doesn’t crease throughout the day and stay on longer. Here’s a swatch sample of the colours on the palette.


So the yellow shade I like for setting my under eye concealer and stopping it from creasing. The pink one I don’t think I’ll be using as much as I have a warm undertone (learnt that one only recently LOL). The champagne-y light shimmer one I haven’t used yet (as I had just bought The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer – right pic from Instagram collage at the top of this post).

Now for the contouring shades at the bottom. I did try them this morning but wasn’t too keen on it as they did make my make-up look muddy and dirty. Mind you though it was the first time I tried them and I may have applied it a bit heavy (the powder are highly pigmented, so you would just need a little bit on the brush for a good natural effect). I may try again next time or it may be better suited for night-time when you can get away with a heavier contouring effect rather than during the day. I’ll let you know how it goes later, maybe when I’m brave enough to go in front of the camera to show you how it looks on my actual face :/

So the contouring kit is $16.95 from Priceline. I did look to see if they were also available in Target, but they weren’t and not sure if they are in K-mart. From Priceline’s online website though, the contouring brush doesn’t seem to be included, so you will have to go in store to get the offer I think.

Photo courtesy of Priceline

Photo courtesy of Priceline


The kit is available in 3 colours: Light, which is the one I got and I think is the original one and there’s also for Medium and Dark complexion. But I don’t think the 2 darker shade kits have the yellow shade in it (which was what attracted me to the kit in the first place).

Now as for the brush, love it! The short packed bristle side is what I used this morning to apply my foundation and there was no streaking. Unlike the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, which is way more expensive, I find I have to blend a lot more to get a good flawless finish.

So there you go, cheaper (or rather in this case, “free”) is better than an “expert” brush. Hope you find this post helpful if you are looking for any highlighting powder for under the eye, or an affordable contouring kit or a flawless application foundation brush.

Please note, this post is not sponsored by anyone of the above mentioned brands. They are 100% my own opinion and experience.

Let me know what you think. Or do you have your own great contouring or foundation brushes finds? Let me know by leaving a comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. Have a great Friday!


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