Book Week Parade 2014 – Master Yoda

Book Week Parade has come and gone for another year, and it was a success.


Joshua wanted to go as Yoda as he already had the Jedi Knight costume, as well as a sample Yoda hat I had made a few years back. I thought “Hooray!” I don’t have to make the costume this year.

So as the day approached and looking at Pinterest for make-up/face paint ideas, I had seen that Yoda’s cloak is in a lighter colour and that he was wearing brown underneath. The perfectionist in me had mentioned this to Josh and told him, if I had time, I’d make the costume in the right colour way … was I nuts!?

Well, I did have some spare time yesterday and the right amount of fabric, so off I sewed the day away.

I finished it just in time for school pick-up and Josh was very excited to discover the costume in the cupboard as he was changing from his school uniform. The BIG SMILE was enough for me!


Today was the big day. I had purchased face paint by Global Colours in green …


… and got up a bit earlier.


And Master Yoda is ready.


The school had a Father’s Day breakfast this morning, so off he went with his Dad … and success!



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