My Wardrobe – Overalls

Okay, have to admit, this piece was a bit harder to get back into. I remember having long overalls in the early 90’s in my later teens going to uni, with not a care in the world how I looked.

But when I wore it then, I was skinnier, I wore it with a midriff singlet that showed my bare sides and during summer when you just felt good.

So, when I contemplated buying one this time around … hmmm? Wasn’t too sure. I already have short overalls and they are fine and look cute. But my hubby’s voice just kept sounding in my ear “You look like you’re going farming” :/ Oh dear!

But, I did buy a pair and set out to look on Pinterest how to wear them “fashionably”



Riches for Rags


Camille Styles


Art Symphony


Where Did You Get That

How I wore it

Long sleeve white tee, black slouchy beanie and overalls (from Cotton On) and croc skater shoes (from Topshop)


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