Josh’s 7th Birthday Star Wars Themed Party

So Josh wanted to have a Star Wars themed party for his 7th birthday. He already had his Jedi costume from the outfit I made him back in May.


So we started making plans and I suggested maybe he can have a Jedi training party and his friends can be Jedis too. I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and collected a few ideas.


First, I used picmonkey to make the invitation


Then, I wanted to make Jedi cloaks for all his friends … was I nuts :/

I made 15 in total with sizes ranging from size 18 months to a 13 y.o. To make things a bit easier for me, the cloaks are hooded long capes only (I omitted the sleeves – or else it would have taken forever to make)


To make these, I used the hood pattern from Everyday Princess Collection Hooded Capelet by Made for Mermaids and used the child measurements from here. For the cape, I just made a rectangular piece: for the length, I took the Shoulder to Ground measurement minus 3″ and the width of the cape I used the hip measurement on the chart.


Then for the light sabers, hubby and I first thought maybe we could just buy the toy version from the shop, but for 15 that would’ve cost a bit. We then checked out party supplies and there was a version cheaper but thought against it because, just imagined the kids having sword fights with them and then snapping and breaking in the first second. Really wasn’t up for littlies upset with broken light sabers.

So with all the great ideas on Pinterest, we went out and bought pool noodles (green and blue ones from Clark Rubber). The guys at the Haberfield store were lovely enough to cut each in half so we didn’t have to do it. We also bought silver duct tape and black electrical tape from there to make the handles, so it was a one stop shop.

So while watching telly one night, I finished 16 green and blue light sabers.


After these big items were finished, I then concentrated on some handmade labels to customise some of the party food label. I downloaded a free Star Wars font and was able to use it on picmonkey.


Again, to make things easier for myself, I printed these on adhesive paper that I could just cut out and not worry having to use glue or sticky tape. You can buy full A4 adhesive sheet from your local office supply store.


Now I’m not a baker and just used store bought birthday cake and cupcakes, but wanted to add Star Wars cupcake toppers to them and I found this free printable from Skip to My Lou.


I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut up each cupcake cardstock printed topper and I added a few “Joshua” toppers to customise some of them.


And finally, no Jedi Training Academy is complete without Jedi Knight Certificates.


The Jedi certificate is from Star Wars Party Ideas which has lots of “ideas” to create your own Star Wars party. I used the Libby Grove Design and edited on picmonkey using Josh’s information. Each of his friends received a certificate at the end of the party all signed by Josh.


I’m just waiting on permission from the parents of some of the children in the party to post their pictures here, so will save the party pics on the next blog.


6 thoughts on “Josh’s 7th Birthday Star Wars Themed Party

    • Thanks Jacqui 🙂 I was ready to convince Josh not to have a party and maybe just use the money to buy him things he wanted, but hubby was clever enough to point out we needed to create memories for him 🙂

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