Cool Yule, Darling Harbour

We made a quick dash to Darling Harbour tonight to see some of the attractions of the Cool Yule, winter celebrations, while it wasn’t so busy.


The boys under the Let It Glow, giant snowflake.


Slid down the Thredbo Snow Slide


And finally, a walk through the Frozen Forest …snow 1 snow 2 snow 10.

… with Josh “ooing” and “aah-ing”.

snow 8.

Ending with a wrestle in the snow!


Next visit, we have to go on the Winter Festival Ice Rink, Lindt Lindor Snow Balls, let the boys go on the Cool Yule Snow Pit and finally watch the Frosty Fireworks. Great to live in the city of Sydney!


5 thoughts on “Cool Yule, Darling Harbour

  1. I was in Sydney last week (I’m from Perth) and I was so impressed with all the fun family things to do! And so many of them free, its so awesome! We caught the last few days of Vivid then Winter Festival started the day before I left. So much fun to be had! Ice skating is definitely a must! I had a blast spending time exploring your city 🙂

    • Can you believe Mel that we didn’t see Vivid :/ Disappointing right? But, I had told Josh about the Cool Yule last week, but we all fell sick, but since on the mend, he reminded me about how I said “When we’re better … we’ll go see the winter festival” Children never forget LOL

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