Finally … Our Bedroom Cleaned & Organised

Our poor bedroom has always been a dumping ground for most of our … no, my stuff! It’s never had a style or been decorated and most of my clothes were a permanent feature, on the floor. And poor hubby always has to hear me say “I don’t have anything to wear!” He pointed out to me the other day that he has seen clothes of mine that still had its tags on it.

I’m not a hoarder or anything like that. It’s just other things have taken up my time, like sewing, getting my boys’ bedroom organised and of course, recently our lounge room.


So, after having to maneuver over my clothes on the floor at night in the dark too many times, it was time to get them sorted and put away.


The wall next to my side of the bed was empty and I really couldn’t fit a clothes rack there for my clothes, so I did something similar to the picture below I found on Apartment Therapy‘s Facebook page using one of the curtain rods used for our fabric Christmas tree last year plus “S” hooks.

Apartment Therapy’s

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy


My take …


It looks like a store merchandise wall and so it’s like a throwback to my fashion retail store jobs back in the days.

I’ve kept most of the jeans in the denim blue, white and camo colourways and kept my other colour jeans in storage containers in my IKEA EXPEDIT shelves.


I originally had all the shelves filled with the black boxes, but to keep it from being too dark, I’ve displayed some of my shoes and accessories.


I’ll just need to make some cushions to add pop of colour to our bedlinen and maybe some wall hangings. But SO much better now I can easily find clothes to wear and won’t feel like a hypocrite telling my boys to clean their room, now that mine is also clean 😛


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