New Lounge Room Wall Art

Remember the wall art I made for our lounge room

living room 2.

The canvas was made using IKEA TINDY fabric stretched over a framed canvas (blog post here). Soon after, I really wasn’t too happy with it, I think because of the different thickness of the black picture frames from the thickness of the canvas … it just didn’t seem balanced. Plus it felt a bit too craft-sy.

living room 1.3

So I looked at different Australian online shops selling wall art and looked for black and white mono-chromatic colours. The ones I liked of course were too expensive, or not the right dimension to cover the space.

Then I saw this from Homedit – Interior Design & Architecture Magazine’s blog post Musically Inspired Furniture And Decorations For Your Home


So getting my thoughts together, I set off to print some fave pictures which I uploaded from my personal Facebook profile pics. And, here is the outcome …

wall 2.

Each square measures 7″ x 7″, I put an eighth of an inch black border around each picture and have a 1″ spacing between each.

wall 4.

I stuck them on the wall with small pieces of blue tac in each corner, which will make it easier for me later down the track to change and update the pics as often as I want.

wall 1.

Although at first I wanted to keep the wall art black and white, I think the colourful pictures balance out the new colorful lanterns I added to the balcony area.

wall 3.

So, now I am happy with the way my lounge room is decorated, and my poor hubby won’t be hearing too much of me telling him how unhappy I was with the previous art. Next, I need to tackle our bedroom, which has been a dumping ground for everything else that hasn’t found a home yet, since moving in earlier in March this year.

signature 4


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