Drink Water

I had the worst migraine I’ve had in a long while on Monday and when hubby came home and I told him about it, the first thing he asked was “did you drink enough water through out the day?”

The answer was a straight NO! but thinking about it, I actually didn’t drink any at all. YIKES, right?! No wonder.

I am so bad at having enough water through out the day and probably drink too much coffee for my size and not atleast balance it out with water.

I remember putting on my to do list months before my wedding day, was to drink 8 glasses of water each day and my skin felt great for the big day.

So, with the on set of another migraine today, I endeavour to make drinking 8 glasses of water as part of my day, every day. So what does one do to try to achieve this? Well, make a “To Do” list of course! LOL

I know I work well with a list, so here it is.


So as you can see, it’s now 11:30am and I’ve just finished my first glass. Hope this works, ’cause migraines are not nice! So it’s on my magnet board, written with chalkboard marker and used little magnets I already had, bought from K-mart. You can have it on the fridge too, but mine is near my work station where I see and pass it most often.

May need to make another one that says “Eat Lunch” ’cause I forget to do that too sometimes :/


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