Saturday {SHARE}

As most of you know, we moved to a new flat 3 weeks and ago and I’ve been pinning madly ideas for the home and my sewing area


I made new cushion covers for the lounge room keeping it basic and neutral with black and white.

CYSN Living Room.

Adding pop of colour with flowers or maybe with a colourful throw later down the track.

CYSN Living Room.

I’ve kept the lounge room neutral because just behind it is my sewing area which already has LOTS of colours, accented with red key pieces.sewing area.

There are still a few more spots in our flat that will need sprucing up, so always on the look out for DIY ideas. So here’s the first CYSN Blog Saturday {SHARE}

Here’s one I saw on Channel 10 TV Show The Living Room (Season 3 Episode 6) in the “Quickie with James” segment to celebrate International Colour Day, “to freshen and liven up a space” with a fabric patchwork art piece (segment starts at 19:36 into the episode – episode here)

Screen shot courtesy of The Living Room Season 3 Episode 6


Screen shot courtesy of The Living Room Season 3 Episode 6


It’s a great way to use up all the small pieces of fabric in your stash. May do something like this in the hallway.

So, wishing you all a Happy Saturday and a WONDERFUL 6th Wedding Anniversary to hubby and I.


Mariane of CYSN



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