IKEA TINDY Fabric Wall Art

I had a blank wall on one side of the living room above one of the lounge seat and knew I wanted a big art on it.

I had a spare framed canvas lying about aswell as an IKEA TINDY fabric amongst my fabric stash.


Photo courtesy of ikea.com


I bought a staple gun the other day, and used it for the first time yesterday.

I was going to leave it as is, but because the frame was a 90cm x 90cm square, it just wasn’t big enough for the width of the wall – it just looked small with too much space surrounding it.

So I started painting portions of it last night and didn’t go to bed until 4am – yikes! Was I crazy!?


I am just keeping it black and white so it’s not too busy with colours and to balance out the black frames I have hung next to it.


I still have a bit more to paint on it but I’ll finish the rest throughout the week.

Now the frames next to it are also from IKEA and it’s the NYTTJA A4 frames. I took the backs of it off as well as the polystyrene plastic protection so I can easily interchange the art whenever I want without having to take the frames on and off the wall (I’ll just stick it on with washi tape on the corners, which seems on trend from what I’ve seen on Pinterest).

I might even make a vinyl decal for that space just above on the left hand corner or just get one more frame to balance it all out.

So, I’m pretty happy with it and even made a little one for Josh to colour and put up in their room when he’s finished.


I’ll take a photo of his one once he’s finished.

So a nice Sunday spent dressing up one wall of our living room. Hope you too have had a great weekend!

Mariane of CYSN


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