The Great Doll Quilt Swap

After my mini birthday weekend away, I received a message from a fellow Facebook Handmaiden, Cassie from Three Kittens about the GREAT DOLL QUILT SWAP she is running on her Facebook page – do check out those 2 cute My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® in her pic below 😛


Now I’ve never met Cassie face to face, but she’s been a liker of my Facebook page pretty much from the very beginning. Before really getting to know her in the Facebook world, I had nicknamed her “The Funny Lady”. When she’d comment on my status posts, and say something funny or witty, I’d relay it back to hubby and tell him “the funny lady from Facebook said this … or that…”

She’s been a lovely support to me on and off the Facebook, so really when the opportunity came up not only to be part of her showcase, but to try my hand at a new skill, hey, I’m in! And since I’m technically still on my “break” from CYSN and MTTD world (and before the new school year starts), it would be a nice creative break.

So, I got to thinking and pretty much had an idea straight away of what I wanted to do. I had some scrap pieces of fabric already cut up, so started piecing those together.


Now to sew it on a square piece of white fabric, I trialled on other pieces of fabric zig-zag stitches, but that didn’t turn out any good, so I hand appliqued it on instead (as this was a technique a saw a while back in a “how to” basic sewing book)


Once I was happy with the hand applique, I set about to attach the batting and backing fabric.


Honestly, YouTube and lots of sewing and craft blogs are great source of reference for most things you want to learn how to do. So I looked up different techniques for quilting.


I used this The Ultimate Quilt Binding Tutorial on YouTube and just used a store bought bias tape.


I had to re-do a few things (and stayed up quite late last night – or rather early this morning) and it’s not perfect, but, I love it for my first ever go. And it has a very Cook You Some Noodles® and My Teeny-Tiny Doll® (MTTD) attachment as the patchwork are MTTD body patterns. So, teeny-tiny drumroll please, here is my Doll Quilt contribution …


For the backing I used a red and white gingham with sewing paraphernalia print and measures 17″ x 17″.


The puffy quilting effect reminds me of those desk Japanese sand garden, hoping it will have a calming effect for its new owner.

CYSN the great doll quilt swap entry.

So, there you go, my first quilt 🙂


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