Fabric Christmas Tree

I saw in a magazine a couple of years back (not sure which magazine) a Christmas Tree printed on a fabric and I liked the idea, as it would be suitable for a smaller inner city apartment dwelling.

When we moved in to this new apartment earlier in May, there wasn’t much storage, so we got rid of all our Christmas decorations plus the tree, thinking that I would try to find something similar to the fabric, closer to December.

Here are some inspirations online.

Fabric Christmas Trees

From L-R Clockwise: one, two & three are from IKEA and four is from Oh Happy Day

And thanks to Google, I found one on eBay from the US (very last minute, of course) but made it on time today, yipee!

Ikea Christmas Tree Fabric

Photo courtesy of feelmysoul on eBay


So when I got it today, I couldn’t wait to get it hung up. I added an extra 3″ of fabric at each end to accommodate the doweling I was going to thread through it and hemmed all sides for a clean finish. Went to Bunnings to get doweling, but instead bought curtain rods as well as Christmas lights.

I started safety pinning the Christmas lights to the back of the fabric.

Christmas Lights.

I re-jigged the lights once it was up so it wasn’t pulling the fabric.

Christmas Lights.

And here it is up without any decorations yet …


… and with the lights on!



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