Train Table

Now I’ve wanted to make something similar to this for the boys when I first saw it on Pinterest a while back.

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So, when the opportunity came up with a spare desk top (which we removed to make way for a small table and stools sets – posted about it here) I took the idea and made it a reality today.

So this is the desk top with the legs removed (this is an IKEA Linnmon Table Top)


I taught Josh how to use the power drill and got him to remove parts of the old legs.


I then added caster wheels bought from IKEA


And once all the wheels were on, I set out to line the top with green felt. I used double sticky tape to secure the felt on the table top.


I bought green acrylic fabric from Spotlight.


Then when the felt was on, Josh went about setting up his train tracks on it.


His brother Zach had just woken up from his nap and was happy to discover their new train table.


I added a few extra things to complete the scenery, like a pond …


… and a helicopter pad for Harold

table 11.

Then when it’s not in use, it can get wheeled under the bed, out of the way!

Happy smiles for all 🙂

Mariane of Cook You Some Noodles


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