Recent Purchases

I wanted to buy the boys a small table and chair set but my rational hubby asked where was I going to put it. I said in their bedroom of course, but he pointed out, that just because there is space doesn’t mean I have to fill it up with furniture.

So that was a while back, but it was becoming obvious (to me atleast) that we’d need a table space for both of them in their bedroom, as the study desk that I had put in there could really only fit Josh and I really wanted Zach to be able to have a place for their activities at the same time. So hubby said I could either have one or the other – so I chose the small table and chair set.

This was what it looked like with the study desk (which has now been dismantled – I have an idea for it later on)

Boys' Bedroom.

And here’s our Mocka Table and Stools Set

Mocka Table & Stools Set.

Best bit, they love sitting on it, which means they’re in their bedroom and not in Mum’s sewing area *tee-hee*


And the best purchase for me today is my new Supa-Fit Dress Form in petite size from Lincraft.

Supa-Fit Petite Dress Form.

I have named her Tiffany. Can you imagine the possibilities when I shop for clothes now. I can fit and alter it all myself … or even make new things … aaaaargggghhh! The excitement – well, that’s the plan anyway. I’ll see how I go in a few months’ time and see if I have used her LOL!

Mariane of CYSN

This post is not sponsored by Mocka or Lincraft, It is of my own opinion .


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