Day 2: School Holidays Cont’d

The latter part of the day, we tapped into our culinary skills – and in my case, this means taking out the box of cupcake pre-mix that I had bought to use the previous school holidays, hah!


The best bit about baking chocolate cupcakes … licking the bowl afterwards.


While we waited for the cupcakes to cook, Josh had a nice teeny-tiny babycinno


And once the cupcakes cooled down, we decorated it with the icing that came along with the pack and some sprinkles we already had on hand.


So we’ve enjoyed some of our cupcakes during afternoon tea and for dessert. Little Zach loved it and was singing “happy Birthday” as that’s what he associates with any chocolate cake – precious! 🙂

Tomorrow is a sewing day but will try to sneak in a “shopping” playdate with Josh as we’ve had to push that back today. Phew, hard work trying to work out activities with a 6-year-old, as it seems it’s not enough anymore to let them just play with their toys on their own.


I’ve scheduled the next product release for this Friday 27th September 10am (AEST) and have started to upload My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® preview in the shop


2 days in and I already need a holiday from the school holidays.


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