Sunday Family Fun

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney and last night I did tell hubby that we should take advantage of it and have a day outside. However, I was enjoying the morning at home, and Josh has been “bugging” us to play with him at home and do things with him. So I made hubby in charge of that, so I could keep sewing – LOL!

Earlier today, Josh played dress-up as a dinosaur, danced to a dinosaur song on playschool and decided to draw a dinosaur on the computer … RAAAAR!


He asked what else he should draw, so we suggested a tree, a volcano … then I said what about Dad being eaten by the dinosaur and he thought that was quite funny.


Then Mister Maker was on ABC4KIDS and he made a space drawing with black paper and chalk. Here is Josh’s masterpiece.

After some lunch, I got the MakeDo Kit that I had bought from Lime Tree Kids the other day – I bought the Free Play Kit for One

Photo courtesy of Lime Tree Kids


And here’s what the boys made with their Dad.


BEEP, BEEP! Hope you’re all having a great Sunday too and see you later tonight for the Halloween Showcase.


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