Halloween Showcase Part 3

Well, I’ve forgotten how nice it is to sleep in. But now, no rest for the wicked. MUST.CLEAN.HOUSE!

But the shop is ready for tomorrow night’s Halloween Showcase – countdown timer here


Along the way, I’ve been drafting a pattern for MTTD Backpacks, which the resident My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® and bigger kids are loving


So for now, I bid you a fantastic weekend and chat along the way.


2 thoughts on “Halloween Showcase Part 3

  1. Love love your work. Wondering if you have thought about every once and a while changing time of your sale? :). I live in pst time zone and your sales happen at 3am our time! Just wondering. Sure one day I will find a way to make the early morning rise to try and shop

    • Hi Diaz, I do actually have my product release at different times of the day to ensure my likers and customers in the northern hemisphere get a chance too. So hopefully you’ll get to catch one the is more “awake” friendly for you 🙂 ~ Mariane xxx

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