Dining Table House

I was looking through an old IKEA catalogue earlier today when one of the pics inspired me to make a drop sheet for our dining table that I could put over the top when the boys are doing their painting and any other “messy” activities.

Photo courtesy of IKEA catalogue 2013


So I got calico and proceeded to put together a table top cover. I finished it pretty quickly as I just sewed a rectangular piece of fabric in the corners for a good fit.

But then I thought, why not put sides/walls around it so it can be a little house for the boys (I made one for them a while back – post found here). So while I measured the sides, Josh took advantage of the top part and decorated it with some finger painting and hand prints.


I also made some windows for one of the sides.


And after pinning and sewing …


… Josh and My Teeny-Tiny Doll® James love it!


Along the way, we’ll decorate the sides of the wall. In the meantime, Josh got one of the boxes I’ve kept for recycling/re-purposing projects and turned it into a stove top, and now it’s ready to play house in.



Funny outtakes


Addition 5:43pm – Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome … Josh doing some educational stuff in his new playhouse


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