“Flowers & Chocolate” Collection Ballot


THE WINNERS ARE … Click here to find out


The 3rd Edition of the My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® “Flowers & Chocolate” Collection will be available here. I hear you ask where did the 2nd Edition go? I snuck it in with the first edition lot, so that first time, 8 of you received one of the 4 lovely MTTDs.

If you are still yet to see their video, you can view it here

flowers and chocolate.

If you would like the chance to purchase one of the 4 “Flowers & Chocolates” MTTD girls, you can do so via this ballot. But before we get down to the ballot business, let me re-introduce them to you.

My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Tabitha – AU$60.00 + shipping

My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Renee – AU$55.00 + shipping

My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Abigail – AU$55.00 + shipping

My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Evie – AU$60.00 + shipping


Shipping: Australia $12.50 (registered post) // New Zealand $11.50 // Germany/UK $19.00 // Everywhere Else $15.00

This ballot is open to all, one entry per person/IP address. To enter:

  •   Comment “SOLD”
  • Tell me what is your favourite flower or chocolate
  • And which My Teeny-Tiny Doll® you would like to purchase if your name gets picked. If you have more than one favourite, write them in your order of preference

The ballot will be open until Thursday 1st August 11:59pm (AEST) – countdown timer here. Then at midnight, I will comment “BALLOT CLOSED” and any entries made after it will not be entered into the draw.

I will randomly draw out 4 names and announce the winners via a new post through here on Friday morning 9am (AEST). So make sure to come back here or subscribe to my blog (if you still haven’t) so you can get a notification via e-mail of new posts.

I will place a RESERVED listing for the winners in my bigcartel store and they will have 24 hours to complete the transaction or else the listing will be de-activated and the said My Teeny-Tiny Doll® will be made available to the public.

Good luck!

Oh P.S. I will have to approve your comments first before they get publish, so I will do so when I get to my computer. So in case you don’t see it right away, it’s most likely I’m not at my computer but I will get to them as soon as I can 😉


61 thoughts on ““Flowers & Chocolate” Collection Ballot

  1. Hi Mariane, as I just recently managed to score a MTTD I won’t enter but would love you to know that my favourite flower is the Sweetpea. I love them and they smell so divine. And as for chocolate well I love Coconut Rough the best

  2. My favourite chocolate would have to be Toblerone as I thought it was such a treat with it’s yummy nougat base and evokes memories of my late grandfather who always bought these for us as children and I thought they were just incredible then and still are now.

    If I am lucky to be drawn in this ballot then it would have to be Evie, Tabitha then Abigail for me 🙂

  3. SOLD Please
    My favourite chocolate is Cadbury Fruit and Nut.
    I love the dolls in this order

  4. Sold 🙂 My little girl’s name is Poppy so that makes our favourite flower easy! And she loves Freddo Frogs so there is always some stashed at the back of our fridge… Any one of the gorgeous teeny-tinys in the Flowers and Collection family would be loved at our house!

  5. Love an old-fashioned rose!! Don’t think there’s room to list all the chocolate I love!
    Would love any one of these lovely girls so in no real order:

  6. SOLD
    I love frangipanis- they make me smile and remind me of being on holiday even when I’m not.
    Whilst all the dolls are just stunning I do love Tabitha the best followed by renee then Abigail and Evie. It so hard to choose!!!!

  7. Sold please 🙂
    My favourite chocolate is Lindt peanut butter balls and my favourite flower is frangipani 🙂
    I would love to give any of these girls a home, my order of preference would be: Abigail (my daughters name!!) Evie, Tabitha, Renee x

  8. Sold
    My favourite flower is a tricky one, but tossing up between red celosia (had them in my wedding bouquet) freesias for their divine smell or tulips for my Dutch heritage.
    As for the dolls, Evie, Renee or Abigale would have a very loving home 🙂

  9. Sold! I so love Evie, BUT I need a red head. Tabitha would be the one I’d choose. Got a new little granbabie who looks like she has reddish hair, so her little CYSN has too match.

  10. Sold?
    Fave choc mint, fave flower tulip.
    I’d LOVE to be able to buy Evie, I am yet to nab myself one if your gorgeous dolls!

  11. Sold Abigail 🙂
    My favourite chocolate are the dark chocolate lindt balls and my favourite flowers are the ones my partner sends me every year on my birthday, not any particular flower, but always pink and sent with love 🙂

  12. Sold

    Evie is my fav as I have a daughter called Evie she is 18 🙂
    Daffodils are my Fav always have been always will be 🙂 love the smell love the look of them.

  13. SOLD, dandelions are my favorite flower and I love dark chocolate. Evie please… i really love Evie! Second Abigail, then Renee and Tabitha.

  14. SOLD
    1. Renee
    Favourite flower is the snapdragon. Beautiful and insightful, they are mysterious. Fave choccie is Turkish Delight… Yum yum! Nothing beats that jelly centre surrounded by chocolate ❤

  15. SOLD Please. Evie or Renee.
    My favourite flower is a rose. And my favourite chocolate is chocolate with popping candy in the form of delicious Christmas elves 🙂

  16. SOLD.
    favourite chocolate – Lindt 70% dark
    favourite flower – Daphne
    favourite dolls in order – Evie, Renee, Tabitha, Abigail

  17. Sold- renee is my fav of course lol! But I love Abigail too xxxx
    My fav flower is the daisy! May be simple and common but I think because of there simplicity there are so special,
    I love watching them dance in the sun…

  18. Happy to have any one of these ladies join our family! Tabitha, Abigail, Evie and Renee (some sort of order)
    Eat any sort of dark chocolate – especially Haighs Dark Rocky Road. Like cheerful daisies.
    Thanks for this opportunity

  19. Sold – would love Renee, Tabitha, Evie then Abigail.

    My favourite flower is the Christmas Lily and chocolate…..when Cadbury releases their coconut rough edition….very rare but delicious 🙂

  20. Love White chocolate – lindt!! Orchids – exotic and beautiful.
    Any of these ladies would be welcome: Tabitha, Renee, Abigail, Evie
    Fingers crossed!

  21. SOLD please Abigail for my daughter Abigail who is about to move in to her big girl room !
    My favourite flower wold be the cherry blossom – not a traditional cut flower, but to me they are a symbol of the change of season. My favourite chocolate would have to be the dark chocolate that surrounds fresh raspberries from a tiny little chocolate shop where I previously lived. Decadent and divine

  22. We would love if MTTD miss Tabitha would be SOLD to us. She will be loved so much and would meet her MTTD sisters at last. We love all kinds of chocolate and flowers, 2 big pleasures of life! 🙂

  23. We would love if MTTD miss Tabitha is SOLD to us. She will be loved so much and would finally meet her MTTD sisters. Chocolate and flowers are 2 big pleasures of life so we like them all. 🙂 xx

  24. sold, Tabitha (ill get a red head of some sort Mariane! and clearly if i don’t its because something else hugely good is coming my way Coraline or Lola or Max!) also love Abigail btw!
    my fave choc is the candycane crunch me and my little ones make through christmas and i’m not sure if its my fave or not but i have a bit of a bond with cosmos (a little sad but a connection none the less) so ill say them. short of christmas time by the way i think i love the tiny dark choc drops i slip into trail mix the most (or eat the most anyway, that counts right?)

  25. SOLD
    Tabitha and Renee are my favorites
    …and always Betina! (stripes are the best “color”)
    My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and my favorite chocolates are Raisinets!
    You do maginficent work! All the best to you!

  26. SOLD
    I love chocolate in general!!!! I normally buy Marvelous Creations or Snack in blocks or snickers in bars. If I am well off I love to go to the Margaret River Chocolate Company & eat their gorgeous truffles.

    All of the girls are gorgeous
    I would prefer to purchase Abigail or Tabitha

  27. SOLD!!!!!
    My favorite flower is peonie and I LOVE Ferrero Rocher, only problem is is that now so do my kids ahhhh!!!!
    I would by Tabitha of course she even has red hair like me 🙂

  28. SOLD
    my favourite chocolate is anything white , I know some would say it is not real chocolate, but I love it :0)
    my favourite is Renee but any of them would be loved here xx

  29. Sold Please.
    My absolute favourite chocolate is cherry ripe 🙂 and favourite flowers are roses.
    I love Tabitha (a red head like me!) and Renee x

  30. Sold!
    I love daffodils, they remind me that winter is coming to an end. Do not discriminate against any type of chocolate love it all
    Would love the chance to own tabitha, Abigail, Renee
    , or Evie

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