Great Day Out!

I was woken up this morning with Zach my youngest chanting “Go Tram!” I looked at their Dad and shrugged “Well, guess I’ll be catching a tram today”. So we all got dressed, caught the Sydney Light Rail to Jubilee Park and went and played in the playground.

park 23.

Then we climbed the big trees and picked up sticks.

park 25.

We then had a bit of a relax and watched the world go by in this beautiful winter’s day in Sydney.

park 24.

We were getting a bit peckish, so I asked Josh what he wanted for lunch and he said “fish and chips” since we were near the Fish Markets.

park 12.

The boys had fish cocktails and chips, while I had prawns and lobster *yum!* while we enjoyed the view, watching a pelican and seagulls fly by.

park 18



Since they were both behaving so well and mum having a nice relax day out, I treated them each with a chocolate Billabong icecream and me with a classic Drumstick icecream cone *triple yum!*

park 19.

And we ended the day with a balancing walk home.

park 22.

Now they’re playing in the lounge with their trains and train tracks. Might be able to sneak a bit of sewing in between.

signature 4Photos taken on Samsung Galaxy SII Smartphone and exposure and colour edited with picmonkey


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