The NEW Collection!

flowers and chocolate

The NEW My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® Collection – click here!

I was lucky enough to get some lovely fabrics from a friend’s aunt who no longer was able to sew, so she gave me most of her fabric stash.
There were some small pieces of lovely prints in brown that I just couldn’t pass without making My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® with them. And these 4 MTTDs Tabitha, Renee, Abigail and Evie are the outcome. The collection name “Flowers & Chocolate” is also the title of the music, so was quite fitting. Enjoy!

Pop back here and let me know what you think and you can be in the running to get a “Front of the Line” Pass the day they’ll be made available.

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53 thoughts on “The NEW Collection!

  1. Aww gorgeous! This reminds me of a Kleenex ad. You know the ones that make you cry watching them. I think it’s the lovely music….and crying because I know I can’t have them all! 😉 I thought Tabitha was my new fave, but Abigail is a new one now too

  2. Love the video and love the new additions I love there names renee is my favorate I also live how you have added the ears in awesome your work just keeps getting better and better!

  3. Oh they are perfect! Tabitha is lovely, Evie just so cute! A front of the line pass would be wonderful! The decision would be tough though xx congrats on the new collection. You should have a launch party for all your teeny tiny pals x

  4. WOW just WOW Mariane… my heart melted when i saw Evie ❤ They are simply stunning and love the name of the collection xx

  5. Wow Mariane! Such a professional video; it reminds me of a wedding photo slide show. The new collection is very very cute – Abigail has to be my favourite though

  6. I love your new collection Marianne! I love the vintage feel to it and adore the way you presented it!! ♥♥

  7. love love love them! tabitha has adorable hair, abigail does also, especially with that little bow. and the lace collar, polkadot, stripe combo on renee is stunning!

  8. Oh, they’re beautiful! They each remind me of something – Tabitha reminds me of my cousin, Renee reminds me of my pigtails from when I was a little girl, the lace and ribbon down the front of Abigail reminds me of the special dresses my mum made me when I was little, and Evie reminds me of the chilly winter days growing up and running around down in the park with my brother! They’re all gorgeous!

  9. I showed one of my daughter’s your gorgeous new dolls and asked her which one she liked best…she responded with ‘i like them all so can’t you buy them and I promise I’ll share them with my sisters, you can even play with one if you like!’ 🙂

  10. Love Renee and Abigail. Gosh don’t know how I’d choose. Love the lace and their hair 🙂 Colours remind me eating chocolate in front of a fire. I feel like they should have a crochet blanket over their shoulders to keep them warm. I promise I’ll make them a warm milo if successful 🙂

  11. Evie is definitely my favourite but they are all so beautiful.
    You have talent beyond what I could dream of having.
    I have managed to score a few dolls for friends before but about time I get one for one of my 3 cherubs!!

  12. Choccies and flowers
    So cute, so divine
    Choosing so difficult
    Wish i could make them all mine 😛

    Thanks for the opportunity Mariane xx

  13. Aren’t they gorgeous! Mariane you do beautiful work!! I love the use of the lace accents too and the stripey legs had me! Well done on another gorgeous lot of lovely little ladies!

  14. Always love your work Mariane! This little collection has an air of cheeky chic about them! They are sophisticated with the subdued colors, but, they know how to have fun still! xx

  15. What a stunning departure from your usual lovely bright kiddie colours. These girls are super classy, Mariane

  16. So so soooo cute! ♡ Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get one for my daughter’s 4th birthday next month 🙂 Fingers crossed!

  17. Think they are all fabulous. Lace is a great addition and any of these ladies would be more than welcome in our house!

  18. Think your new collection is gorgeous – loving the warm tones and lace. Would be happy to have Tabitha, Renee, Abigial or Evie as I can’t decide.
    Thank-you for this chance

  19. Amazing, as always! Love their little ears so much, I can see many secrets being shared with these MTTD’s 🙂 x

  20. Oh my! Just gorgeous!!
    I love the chocolate,flowers and lace combo of Abigail the most! Just devine!
    Such a beautiful new collection and the video was lovely with that music❤
    You are one talented woman mariane and have me constantly checking your page lol!!
    xXx Elizabeth

  21. Thought I’d already left a message about how grown up these latest dolls are, plus a plea for Abigail. Obviously I haven’t sussed my phone out yet. Ho hum. Let’s see if this posts.

  22. I thought I’d left a comment, maybe I didn’t hit enter. It’s ok cause it gave me the chance to look at the video again. Loved Evie so much, but I think I’ve jumped ship to Tabitha, Really love them all

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