MTTD Pillows and Blankets

I found some more fabrics in my stash that I have had for a while (one of the first fat quarter fabrics I bought when I first started sewing), that I thought would make great teeny-tiny pillows and blankets.

pillows 2 Collage


Along the way, Josh wanted me to make pillows and blanket for his My Teeny-Tiny Doll® James – I just used an old box for his bed and made a little fitted like sheet.

james 4.

Once Josh gave me his approval for his bedlinen, I finished sewing the blankets. So I have 4 sets of MTTD Bedlinen which includes 2 pillows and 1 reversible blanket.

Bedlinen Set 1 – “Blues Clues” Print/Yellow Fleece

Bedlinen Set 2 – “Doggy” Print/Baby Blue Fleece

Bedlinen Set 3 – “Doggy” Print/Red Fleece


Bedlinen Set 4 – “Patchwork” Print/Light Green Fleece


They are AU$32.00 for the set + shipping.

I also made 2 sets of Teeny-Tiny Pillow Case & Blanket for those who’ve already bought an MTTD Sleepover Tote Set, who may want a spare bedlinen.

pillow case and blanket Collage

These are AU$20.00 per set + shipping (flat large letter rate)

They’ll be available in my bigcartel store 7pm (AEST) tonight – countdown timer here.


In the meantime, check out My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Nene who’s made a pillow and blanket fort for herself 🙂



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