My Wall Unit

When I first looked at our new flat, I fell in love with the built-in entertainment unit that was here, but I didn’t want to get too excited in case the rest of the flat wouldn’t accommodate the rest of our “living” needs. So I was happy when hubby saw it later on and agreed that this was the right place to move into.

In our old flat, we had moved my sewing area in the “lounge room” space swapping it with the dining space – as per my then 4 y.o. son’s suggestion (“Mum, if you move your sewing area closer to the door, you’d get natural light and wouldn’t need to have all the lights on all day!” – what a clever monkey!)

sewing area 5


So we set up my sewing space in what would have been the lounge/living room. The built-in wall unit now houses my fabrics and other sewing needs, plus of course a lovely way to display the My Teeny-Tiny Dolls®. Me loves it lots!

wall unitsignature 4.

ADDITION: I got the idea of putting the printer on my IKEA trolley from this Pinterest pic

Photo courtesy of

And I have lots of natural light courtesy of this big window to the left of the wall unit



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