Coming Soon! The Fruit Tingles Collection

What a lovely way to come back after our move. The My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® I worked on since we’ve been in the new flat will be going to their new homes soon.

Here they are enjoying their time here at CYSN before they head off.

wall 4160613 2


I made the felt clouds, sun and balloons today as well as the paper airplane and teeny-tiny buntings. This new place has a built in shelf/entertainment unit and the space for the TV I’ve used to display the MTTDs. The top part looked so bare, so I made the little background to balance it out. Just a few more parts of the shelves that need organising, then I can show you how it’s all set-up.

Now the next My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® for the next product release are the MTTD Fruit Tingles Collection

news dolls 5

Video here. This is the last installment of the MTTD Fruit Tingles and their release will have a sales condition applied – those who’ve made an 11″ MTTD purchase from 19th May onwards, will have to sit this one out, just to give a chance to those that haven’t made a purchase in the last month.

I’m thinking of having it on Wednesday 19th June 10am (AEST) – more info soon!

But for now, I will have a teeny-tiny rest and bid you all good night!

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