Meanwhile …

In between making My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® during my “offline” season 😉 I was of course, busy setting up the new flat we moved into 3 weeks ago.

Apart from setting up my sewing area, I also had a lot of fun setting up my boys’ room. The new place has a lovely big wall unit in the lounge room (which I’ve turned into my work space) and it’s big enough to house my fabrics and all other sewing paraphernalia, so the IKEA Billy bookcases I used previously – as seen below – went into the boys’ room.

My sewing space June last year

The lower portion of the bookshelves was inspired by this picture I pinned in my Boys’ Room Pinterest board

Photo courtesy of

My boys love Thomas the Tank Engine and Zach especially loves to use any table top/flat surfaces to move along the said “train of the day”. So here’s what I set-up for them.josh trainszach trains*Whisper* Secretly, I think this is a room I would have wanted when I was little (replace trains with dolls)

And here’s a pic of one side of their room with Josh posing as a seal LOL!

josh sealWhat a crazy coconut! Never a dull moment 🙂

signature 4


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile …

  1. Wow, that looks amazing! That’s the good part about moving also, that you get to rearrange everything and start over 🙂 I love the train idea.x

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