I’m Back Online!

Wahoo! Finally, it feels like it’s been forever. Now that I’m back online, gotta gather my thoughts together. I’ve been busy sewing, getting our new place organised (will post about that later on) and spending some lovely time with my boys, but now very eager to get the next My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® (MTTDs) product release happening and I’m thinking of having it this Sunday night 16th June 8pm (AEST) – countdown timer here. That should give enough time for most of my lovely likers to find out about it, whether via here on my blog, Facebook,  my bigcartel shop (I’ll upload all the listings by tomorrow) or my website (I’ll try to update tonight too)

But here’s what most of you know so far from my Facebook updates. These My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® will be available on Sunday!andwix amber

I also mentioned that I will have these MTTDs available.wix annieAnd last, but not least ….

My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® Emma, Superhero Yellow Pants and Gigi have their additional accessories of cape, sleeping bag and palazzo pants (respectively) that go with them – pics of it will be shown in individual bigcartel listings once I upload them in the shop.

I just need to take a photos of 2 other MTTDs – Willis and #15 – as well as screen print on the Sleepover Bag Sets, and then that, ladies and gents, is what will be available on Sunday! Phew!


Now with the time offline, I’ve had a wee bit of a think re: all the social media platforms and sites I’m on and thought of narrowing it down just to what I use most – which translates to which I will update more regularly and therefore not neglect.

  • Facebook as this is where it all began 🙂
  • This blog, with more regular posts of what I’m doing,
  • My Website, gives you a bird’s eye view of what Cook You Some Noodles® is all about, and
  • Pinterest, ’cause I love it!

I won’t be much on Instagram, Twitter nor have a mailing list. I think with the above platforms, you’ll get enough info of what’s going on. It’s good to subscribe to this blog (subscribe button top right hand corner) so you can get e-mail notifications of my posts, especially since at the moment, you don’t get to see all of Facebook updates.

Well, I think that’s it from me at the moment. Which MTTD do you have your eye on?

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3 thoughts on “I’m Back Online!

  1. All of them! They are so gorgeous 🙂 I just stumbled onto your dolls and need one. I’m wondering what the average price per doll is. Thank you!
    PS love your company name!

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