One “teeny-tiny” step at a time!

Getting there, today the phone line got connected, so that’s a good start. Now just waiting for the modem to get delivered and hopefully (as per internet service provider advise) we should get our internet on within the next 3-5 business days … oh, the wait!

But, no matter. Keeping positive. When I do get online, I’ll have a few My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® (MTTD) available, and one of them is MTTD Sarah in her new striped dress and sunshine yellow slouchy beanie.

sarah 2

And as mentioned in a previous Facebook status update, I will also have MTTD Max, Dorothy, Annie, Gigi, Emma and a Superhero Yellow Pants with his own sleeping bag (teeny-tiny superheroes need naps too, you know)

.Now for the little residents of the new CYSN central, they are loving our new apartment and I gave them a little “welcome to your new home” gift – Super Sorting  Pie from Learning Resources

sorting pie

It’s a great learning toy for the boys to learn counting, colours and shapes of different fruits. I love how Zachy says banana and proceed to “pretend” eat them 😀

Oh I do hope you’re all well. We’ve been good here. Just our bedroom stuff to sort out as the rest of the flat has been organised and sorted. Can’t wait to show you all my new work area – really does make a big difference having a lovely space to work in. Now, If you don’t want to miss out on when I’ll have the next product release, you can subscribe to get e-mail notification of my blog posts, straight into your inbox. Just scroll right down to the bottom of this page and you will see a subscribe button on the right hand side. Have a good night and chat again very soon, hopefully from my own internet connection 😉

signature 4


2 thoughts on “One “teeny-tiny” step at a time!

  1. I love Sarah! She is so cute. Great colours.
    Unpacking is quite a task, we’re still going too. Hope you’re loving your new home as much as we are loving ours xx

    • Thanks A-M 🙂 Been thinking about you too. Yes, we love our new place. Just all the old things that were up in the old cupboards that I have to go through and throw out anything we don’t need or haven’t used for the last year LOL!

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