Quiet Time Tubs – Part 1

I first saw this great idea on Pinterest (where else?) “Quiet Time Bins” from Holistic Homemaking and I’ve pinned it in For My Boys board.

Photo courtesy of Holistic Homemaking


So while out at the shops on Wednesday after a post run, went to the Reject Shop and bought these 2.5L Freezer tubs (lovingly looked after by My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Mei) for $2 each.quiettubs 1

(Had to quickly double check I had spelt all the days correctly … all good!)

As you can see there is something in them already. I bought these activity cards from K-mart for $4 for the pack of 3cards.

Then I searched Pinterest for more ideas to place in the Quiet Time tubs.

First one is this Duplo Blocks Counting & Tower Matching Busy Bag by All Our Days who has a free download printable busy bag file.

Photo courtesy of All Our Days

Photo courtesy of All Our Days


Which I printed off and laminated.

Then today, while working on stuffing My Teeny-Tiny Dolls®, I was multi-tasking and “researching” on Pinterest. Here are 2 more ideas that caught my eye.

Clothesline Busy Bag idea from Money Saving Mom. I cut up these dresses, t-shirts, shorts and pants from a template provided here


And a quick and easy one, Bead Stringing with pony beads and pipe cleaners – idea from Motherhood on a Dimepipe cleaner.

I also want to make this one next – Button Snake

Photo courtesy of Motherhood on a Dime

Photo courtesy of Motherhood on a Dime


So raiding the kids toy boxes for toys they haven’t looked at for a while and small books and slowly but surely, I’m filling up each day with at the least, a good half hours worth of “quiet time” activities.tubs 2signature 4.

ADDITION: Here’s the Clothes Line Busy Bag idea in action (Friday 10/5/13 4:11pm)



One thought on “Quiet Time Tubs – Part 1

  1. Theses are awesome Mariane. Thank you. I’d like to incorporate some of this for my four young ins!! Have a super duper Friday.


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