Cowl Neck Warmer

Yay, I finished my cowl neck warmer!

Now I do have a few scarves that I wear, both for warmth and as fashion accessories. But most of them are store bought. So I wanted to wear this winter something that I had made.

I made 2 of these cowl neck warmers a couple of years back and sold on etsy



The pattern is Cowl Viking Eternity by Whisper Twister on etsy

I used a 7.0mm crochet hook and used 5 Ply Yarn Coton-A from Lincraft. The original pattern recommends an 8.0mm hook and starts with 60 chains and use of bulkier yarns (but they are a bit more expensive). But I like the 60% cotton blend of the Coton-A, and since it’s thinner, I made 84 chains to give a wider cowl to the neckline.

Here was my work-in-progress earlier.

cowl 2


And here’s the finished product – gotta love selfies! This was made with 2 balls  of the 50g Coton-A yarns.

cowl 4

signature 4


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