Marbles Race Track

I’ve seen this great idea for a marbles rack track using a pool noodle posted in different Facebook posts, which linked it back to a Pinterest picture, which I had re-pinned awhile back, with good intentions of making it for the boys – original source from HomeSpun Threads: Marbles Racetrack

Photo courtesy of HomeSpun Threads


So with first day of school holidays here in NSW, Australia it was the best time to finally get it made. We got the pool noodle (an orange one, as per Josh’s instruction) from Target and I got a box of marbles from K-mart for only $5 (it has 151 assorted marbles, but really to keep in line with my own OH&S, I’ll only use 2 at a time LOL)Marbles


Then I got to cutting the pool noodle (men, look away *tee-hee*)NOODLE 1


While I was tidying up the raw edges of one side, Josh was giving the other half a test run.NOODLE 2


Then I made start & finish line flags (just through PowerPoint Presentation) and taped it to craft dowels.NOODLE 4


So far, so good. Hopefully, that’ll keep Josh occupied even for a teeny-tiny portion of the school holidays.



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2 thoughts on “Marbles Race Track

  1. Love it! It’s a great idea! But with a nearly 12 month old in the house(who put EVERYTHING in her mouth), it may have to wait a while!

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