NEW! Micro MTTD Dolly

The 11″ My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® have had teeny-tiny friends or babies as companions along the way. We’ve had MTTD Boo and her MTTD Baby Boo (made using a Gingermelon pattern) back in February of last yearboo 4

MTTD Jade trying to juggle the washing and the “kids” back in March 2012hectic day 4

And then I created a micro MTTD Dolly for Cook You Some Noodles‘ new avatar in June 2012boo and micro 7boo and micro 12

There was a bit of an interest to be able to purchase a micro MTTD Dolly, but since June of last year it’s been on the back of my mind on how to create one that was easy to make without taking up so much of my “spare” time 😛

And then on Sunday 7th April, while my boys did the grocery shopping, I was left alone with my brain and proceeded to tackle drafting a Micro MTTD. After much hair pulling, giving-up moments and atleast 10 semi-finished prototypes, I thought I was happy with the pattern. So I made another one but somehow that didn’t turn out the same way, so back to the drawing board.

Now with who knows how many versions of the pattern I left it alone and came back to it last night. After reviewing the trial patterns, I worked it out and made a couple more Micro MTTDs and here they are, introducing the NEW! Micro MTTD Dolly (© Cook You Some Noodles 2013)micro 2

They measure at 5″/12.5cm, wearing cute teeny-tiny polka dot dresses (not removable) and black patent Mary Jane shoes.micro 4nene and dolly 2micro 8

Now I just want to make a few more along the way and I’ll make them available soon! Hope you like them as much as I do 🙂

signature 4


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