Star Wars Stuff

Today we are going to one of Josh’s school friend’s birthday party and he loves Star Wars stuff! I was going to make him a superhero cape and mask, but Josh insisted I make him something that was Star Wars-y

So, the first thought I had was make a Yoda hat to tie in with his friend’s invitation, as seen here on the fridge door above Josh’s first merit ribbon at kindy.j10

So I got a Tie Dye Diva pattern and then just drafted the ears pattern myself. The boys were already asleep when I started it last night so I first made a size 4-8 one which fitted me nicely, but I thought may be too big for Josh’s friend.yoda hat

So after a final adjustment of the ears and the hat in a smaller size, I was happy with the final result.yoda hat 2

Then this morning, I thought to make a Chewbacca doll as well. I saw this one from Draw! Pilgrim and so bought the pattern for it.

Photo courtesy of Draw! Pilgrim

I “started” to make my version using brown cotton fabric and felt for the face.chewbacca

Now I did manage to finish him but I thought that he looked too skinny (I did teeny-tinify the pattern a bit too) but I’d love to make him again with fur. So for the moment, he has become Zachy’s little Chewie.

So that’s my try at Star Wars-y stuff and one day I may make a Princess Leia hat too for myself.

But for now, will sign off and party on with the kids.

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