My Teeny-Tiny Rainbow Fairy Doll® Ballot


While I sew away today, how’s about a quick ballot for My Teeny-Tiny Rainbow Fairy Doll®

rainbow fairy e

She’s AU$85.00 + shipping (Australia $11.00 // NZ $11.50 // UK $19.00 // Everywhere Else $15.00)

She’ll be made to order with up to 14 working days for her to be made before shipping

Open to those whose last 11″ My Teeny-Tiny Doll® purchase was BEFORE 7th February.

One entry per person only. Comment below SOLD and tell me your favourite colour and why?

This ballot will be open until 9pm tonight (hopefully that covers most of the timezone) and once 9pm hits – countdown timer here, I will comment BALLOT CLOSED and any comments made after it will not be entered into the draw.

Winner will be drawn out soon after and I will place a RESERVED listing in my bigcartel store for the winner and they’ll have 24 hours to complete the transaction or the listing will be de-activated.

Good luck!

signature 4

P.S. I have to approve your comment for it to appear, so please bear with me if I don’t approve them right away. I will do so when I’m at my computer desk 🙂


33 thoughts on “My Teeny-Tiny Rainbow Fairy Doll® Ballot

  1. SOLD. I don’t have a favourite colour, but my eldest daughter decided that my favourite colour is blue….just because 🙂

  2. I confess I don’t have a ‘favorite’! I love different colours in different situations…I like to wear green, LOVE red in the kitchen and love to see my little girls dressed in purple!

  3. Sold ! I love colours full stop. They provoke different feelings for me. I love so many and don’t have a fav e.g. yellow = happy, Aqua = calm and soothing, pink = comforting xx

  4. SOLD. A complete sucker for apple green. But I love sunny yellow and pinks too. Better yet if they’re all together in a fabric or in my decorating. But my daughter would say pink and purple 🙂

  5. Sold – I love red. It suits my skin colouring in clothing and is bold when used in styling. Not so easy when you want to use it as cake icing colour but work hard enough you can get a good colour 🙂 then your cake looks amazing!

  6. SOLD ♡
    My most favourite MTTD!! 🙂
    Blue has always been my favourite colour though after having a little girl after 2 boys, I really love the colour pink! 😉
    Pink resembles unconditional love, compassion, nurturing and hope ♡ ♡ ♡

  7. Sold! Can I pick rainbow as my favourite colour?! I love just about every colour at different times – yellow to cheer me up, orange motivates me to go to the gym (don’t ask me why!), pink makes me feel young and girly, green makes me want to get outside, blue calms me down and white just makes me want to grab my kids’ crayons and go to town!

  8. SOLD..I Love Pink it’s so pretty & feminine
    I love dressing my little princess in Pinks
    I think it a really uplifting colour I also like
    To match it with yellows & lilacs light blues & greens for a fresh fun look xx

  9. SOLD! I’m not a one favorite color kind of gal! I love red in my kitchen. I love to wear a deep sapphire blue. I love to see my little princess in pink and my little prince in green!

  10. Pink is my favourite colour as its so very girl and pretty. It also happens to my favourite colour! x

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