Stop and Smell the Roses

Not really quite sure how I discovered it, but I started watching Shark Tank (American reality television series) a couple of months ago, which then led me to watch Dragons’ Den (Canada).

One of the “dragons” is Arlene Dickinson – one of Canada’s most renowned independent marketing communications entrepreneurs.

Photo courtesy of Georgia Media Netwrok

Photo courtesy of Georgia Media Network

I quite like her on the show, so wanted to read more about her and got onto The Inspirational Life Story of Arlene Dickinson.

I read she was originally from South Africa and her dad “decided to move the family to Canada where he believed there would be greater opportunities”. On their way to Canada, they had stopped off at London and they were in this hotel room  and “she was standing at the window … looking out into the street when her father asked her what she was thinking about”. She had told her dad that she was very excited about going to Canada (she was just 3 years old).

Her dad then said “Arlene, I’m going to make you look out the window again and this time I want you to see London. Don’t be so excited about where you’re going that you can’t see where you are.”

BOOM! It hit me like a tonne of bricks – that line was so profound. I know I’ve read the saying life is a journey not a destination” a few times before, but after reading this part of Arlene’s story that I related it to myself.

We (my husband and I, and close friends and relatives) are very excited about the lovely journey my Cook You Some Noodles’ venture has taken us on and towards and even more excited about where we can end up. BUT,  I also really need to make sure that I stop and smell the roses by my feet.

Only just today I was saying on one of my Facebook posts, that from time to time, the mummy-guilt creeps in about balancing business and family life. I can forgive myself, now (after a good ole’ cry) that sometimes one end of the scale can suffer – I mean, after all, lots of mums and dads out there miss out on time with their kids/family because they have to go to work and be able to provide for their family. I think sometimes, work-at-home-parents feel a bit more pressured to have a “balanced” work and family life because they are in the thick of it being at home.

So yes, the house can be a mess sometimes … okay, a LOT of times … but what I’ll make sure not to do is get SO hung up on what or where I want the future to be that I forget about enjoying the moment.

Just the goings on in my head.

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3 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. What a great quote to remember. I too lately have been thinking too much about the future I think. We have so much going on at the moment – I have 4 afternoons a week taken up with after school activities for my older boys all while dragging around the one year old. I even said to my hubby well it will all be easier once Charlie (the little one) is able to occupy himself a bit better and later thought well hang on how can I wish away all these lovely days I spend with him as a bubba?! I actually work weekends in anticipation of a better end result for our family but have also been lately thinking that all the soccer games and family fun that I miss out might mean that in fact it isnt worth it. Food for thought I guess…..

    • I normally say we have to get back home so I can work when I pick up the youngest from daycare and we pass a little playground. Yesterday, I stopped and the 3 of us (Josh and Zach) got on the see-saw and had so much fun just chanting “see-saw, up and down..” and going “ooooh” when we thought it got very wobbly. But when I read, why get so excited about getting to Canada, when London is right infront of you, I just thought wow! Gotta look at “London” a bit more while foreseeing the excitement of “Canada”

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