New Website

Hello all. Those of you that follow me on Facebook will know that I’ve been tinkering away on creating a website that will hopefully be a one stop site of info on what Cook You Some Noodles’ My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® is all about. My domain name is now linked to it.


I’ll be adding to it as a go along, or rather as I “learn” along. Please take a look and I welcome your thoughts, feedback and comments. I will still be using my etsy store as my shopping site but I will run most news and information through the website.

Any ballots, blog post or a “heads up” of what’s coming I will run through a newsletter, so join my Mailing List to receive them via e-mail. I will close this blog will soon close, so if you’ve subscribed to this, make sure you join the Mailing List.


So hopefully you like 🙂 ~ Mariane xxx


2 thoughts on “New Website

  1. I tried to have a look but it only brings up a white screen; I’m on my iPhone so it might just be that

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Yeah, that’s the thing I think the hosting site is working on to have it show on iPhones/iPad/androids. First thing hubby said to check LOL, but yes will make sure it’ll work on mobile devices. Thanks for letting me know Kim 🙂

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