MTTD Summer 2012/13 Collection Ballot



Okay, the last 5 My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® of the Summer Collection range is up for ballot. They were the top 5 of your choice to purchase, so to give most a better chance, I will ballot them off to purchase.

My Teeny-Tiny Fairy Dolls® – Rainbow Striped Fairy AU$85.00 and Aqua Polka Dot Fairy AU$80.00


My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Max – AU$70.00 (teeny-tiny skateboard not included)


My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Charlie – AU$90.00 (teeny-tiny bike not included)


And finally, your top choice, My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Nene – AU$70.00


Shipping is AU$11.00 Registered Post Australia Wide and International Airmail: AU$11.50 New Zealand; AU$19.00 UK and AU$15.00 Everywhere Else


To be in the running for the ballot:

  • Comment must include SOLD in it to be valid – one comment person only
  • Name in order of preference, which My Teeny-Tiny Doll® you would like to purchase if your name gets picked, if you only want to purchase one MTTD, only put one name down
  • Open to all except the 3 “Front of the Line” Pass Winners from Monday 26th November and those that made an 11″ My Teeny-Tiny Doll® on Tuesday and Wednesday the 28th and 28th November


The ballot will run for 12 hours only and close at 7pm (AEST) later tonight Thursday 29th November. I will comment BALLOT CLOSED and any entries made after it will not be entered into the draw.

Please note that I will have to approve all comments before they are published and visible to the public. So please bear with me as I approve them when at my computer at the earliest convenience.

I will then draw out 5 names and based on their choice of MTTD, I will place a RESERVED listing in my etsy store of their first choice, depending on its availability. The 5 winners will have 24 hours only to  make the purchase or else the listing will be de-activated and the ballot re-drawn.

Good luck and may the teeny-tiny force be with you! ~ Mariane xxx


137 thoughts on “MTTD Summer 2012/13 Collection Ballot

  1. SOLD plllleeeaaaaassse!!! …Oh please Max come home to our house….you’d be the perfect finishing touch for my little man’s big boy room we’re getting ready to surprise him with..*sigh*…just the right colours!!!!

  2. SOLD to Lisa – order of preference 1. Nene, 2. Charlie, 3. Rainbow fairy with yellow hair, 3. Fairy Purple Hair, 4. Max 🙂

  3. Sold – they are all sooooo cute. My first choice would have to be Charlie, as that is mt daughters name! Second choice would be Nene. Third choice would be either of the fairies. Thank you and my fingers are crossed

  4. Sold 🙂
    Rainbow striped fairy
    Aqua polka dot fairy
    That covers it thanks for the chance to get a friend for Red 🙂

  5. I’m totally Sold! I’m in love with all the MTTD but if I was lucky enough to win the ballot and choose my first preference would be ‘Charlie’ for my baby girl Charlotte or ‘Max’ for my little boy followed by either the Fairies or Nene…..I would just be so, so lucky to own any one of your gorgeous MTTD. I mean my children would be so lucky:)

  6. sold please 🙂 i have two little girls and they love
    My Teeny-Tiny Fairy Dolls® – Rainbow Striped Fairy AU$85.00 and Aqua Polka Dot Fairy AU$80.00
    thank you ❤

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