My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Maurice

My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Maurice is going home to:

RESERVED listing in my etsy store now 🙂 Thank you all!




For your chance to purchase My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Maurice, be one of the first 20 entries to comment SOLD. Once I’ve received the first 20 comments, I will advise the ballot closed and announce the 20 names, then draw 1 name soon after. My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Maurice is AU$65.00 + shipping (I ship internationally and cost depends on the country). Winner must purchase within 1 HOUR and a RESERVED listing will be put in my etsy store for them. If not purchased within the timeframe, listing will be de-activated and ballot re-drawn!

Please note your comment will not visible straight away as I have to approve them first to be published.

The ballot is open to all 🙂 Good Luck! ~ Mariane


27 thoughts on “My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Maurice

  1. BALLOT CLOSED. First 20 entries with SOLD are:
    Michelle Juillerat
    Kellee Morgan
    angelika sauer
    Bethan Burge
    natalie warner
    Kim Killoran
    Katrina Manuel
    Angela Norton
    Talya Jane Goding
    Melinda C
    ben taseski
    Kim Uibo

    Back soon with a winner 🙂

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