3 Chances to Purchase My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® for VIRGIN-MTTDs

I have 3 chances for those of you who are VIRGIN-MTTDs. That is, yet to purchase one of my 11” My Teeny-Tiny Dolls®. My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® Stacey, Jesse or Boo are available for purchase.


My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Jesse
AU$68.00 + shipping

My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Stacey
AU$68.00 + shipping

My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Boo
AU$55.00 + shipping


Australian shipping is $11.00 registered post and I post to major international destinations (cost depends on country)


Here’s how the ballot will work:

  • Those eligible to enter are those who have NOT purchased a My Teeny-Tiny Doll® (this does not included MTTD Palm Babies, animal/baby MTTDs or 11″ MTTD Animals. Just the “human” style MTTDs).
  • One entry per person only
  • In your comment, you must have SOLD in it PLUS the MTTD you would like the chance to purchase in order of preference. If you only want to purchase one, only name that one doll. If you have 2 or more, name them in order of preference (please do not put an MTTD’s name down if you do not want to purchase it in case your name gets picked)


This ballot is open until Friday 16th November 8pm (AEST) whereby I will comment “BALLOT CLOSED” and any entries made after it will not be entered into the draw.

I will then draw out 3 names and based on their preference is the My Teeny-Tiny Doll® they get to purchase. I will announce the winners on a new blog post ASWELL as place a RESERVED listing for them in my etsy store. The winners will have 24 hours from the time of announcement to make the purchase. If transaction is not completed by that time frame, please note the listing will be de-activated and the ballot will be re-drawn.

The MTTDs will be posted on Monday 19th November upon payment. Thank you all for your continued support and hope this will make some of you who aren’t as “fast-fingered” in my etsy releases or surprise listings a teeny-tiny bit happy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me, either via cookyousomenoodles@gmail.com or via Facebook

Please be patient for your comment to appear as I have to approve them before you see them publicised – I’ll get to them as soon as I can, cheers!

Thank you, good luck and much love ~ Mariane


69 thoughts on “3 Chances to Purchase My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® for VIRGIN-MTTDs

  1. SOLD Jesse please, I just missed out on buying him the other day I have been trying to get a MTTD Boy for a while now for my little man 🙂 second choice is Boo for my little girl

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