My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Annie Ballot



Okay, for those who may not be fast fingered enough during my etsy product release or “first to comment” on Facebook, or those who happen to just miss out on being on Facebook at the right time, here’s an opportunity to add your comment, sit back, relax and wait until I close this ballot tomorrow morning at 8am (AEST), and wait for the winner to be announced soon after.

If you would like the chance to purchase My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Annie, comment SOLD below and tell me, if you have one, a favourite musical. Just saw the preview for the Les Miserables movie and cannot wait for Boxing Day (been singing “I Dreamed a Dream” all afternoon). If you are interested in buying her, make sure you have “SOLD” in your comment.

One comment per person and those who haven’t bought an 11″ My Teeny-Tiny Doll between 26th August and now are eligible to enter. This ballot will be open until 8am (AEST) tomorrow morning. I will comment “BALLOT CLOSED” then and all entries made after it will not be entered into the draw.

Please note, once you’ve entered your comment it will not be visible until I manually approve it. I will try to approve the comments as they come in, but please be patient if you do not see it straight away.



My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Annie is $72.00 + shipping. A RESERVED listing will be added in my etsy store for the winner and they will have only 3 hours from announcement to purchase the item. If not, the ballot will be re-drawn.


Comment away and have fun singing your favourite show tunes and I’ll announce the winner  when ” … the sun will come out, tomorrow” 😛 ~ Mariane xxx


60 thoughts on “My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Annie Ballot

  1. Sold!
    Although I just love Les Mis (have seen it twice and once in London), I LOVED “Wicked”. Such a fantastic take on the “pre-story” of the Wizard of Oz. I’ve seen it 5 times, almost everywhere it’s played 🙂 I’m such a sucker for musicals!

  2. Ooh yes please! I’m definitely one of those slow fingered people lol 😛 My favorite musical would have to be singing in the rain (which thanks to you I’ll be humming along to for the next few days!).

  3. SOLD! I’ve never been too a musical – I really wanted to see Wicked when it was in town, but missed it because of my small person

  4. Sold please, there are so many Beauty and the Beast, Wicked, Lion King and Phantom of the Opera, really loved seeing these shows 🙂

  5. SOLD please ❤

    I love musicals!! I have so many I love but I think I adore showboat as it was my very first one I seen that got me hooked when I was 11 🙂

  6. SOLD… My favorite musical of all time is West Side Story… I fell pretty oh so pretty… now you’ve got me started! Loving your lovelies!

  7. Sold 🙂 My favourite musical of all time is Wicked! I have seen it 6 times, once in London, once in Sydney and 4 times when it was here in Perth! LOVE it! I love Annie too, just saw it a few weeks ago when it was here 🙂

  8. Sold Please! It’s so hard to pick a favourite musical – tossing up between Lion King, Annie and Mary Poppins 🙂 Oh and Grease as well

  9. SOLD…
    My favorite has to be Beauty and the Beast!
    Its rings true that its the Beauty inside us that counts.. oh and Im a sucker for Disney. It brings out the child in me!! ( like teeny tiny dolls. 🙂

  10. Sold!
    I recently saw Mary Poppins, and it was AMAZING. I cried like a baby – not because the story is sad, just because I was so happy to be there!

  11. SOLD SOLD SOLD please Mariane 🙂

    Oh I have to admit that Grease is still my number one musical….. ‘Summer lovin had me a blast. I met girl crazy for me… I met a boy, cutest can be’ 🙂 hehe

    xx Danielle Aplidjotis xx

  12. Sold please!
    My favorite musical is probably State Fair as I used to watch it when I was younger with my grandmother. But as an adult- I love avenue q because it is so hilarious!

  13. Sold please! My fave musical was a High School production of Grease where my brother played the character of Danny. He was amazing!!

  14. sold please! I too adore Les Mis, will be devastated if it doesn’t come to Adelaide/ we can make it with appointments to Melb when its on with kids appointments or something. Mary Poppins is also pretty high for me and i still have a soft spot for grease after a whole winter (ok more like year minus a month or so) that i spent as a kid watching it i’d say every second day or so and then walking around pretending to be sandy either in an imaginary poodle skirt carrying my books around or stubbing out a pen “cigarette” and running around waving my arms etc like in the movie. …reading this back reinforces to me that there is a reason my kids are not the norm (not that i ever doubted my own craziness but still) have a good day marianne, i’m off to dance around the kitchen and sing summer loving to my music loving littlest xx

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