Where I’m At …

Taking stock for the very first time of where the “business” side of Cook You Some Noodles™ is at, to figure out where I want it to go. From the conference I went to earlier in the month, plus watching the TV series Shark Tank before you can figure out where to take your business next, you need to know where it’s been.


This has made me quite reflective of Cook You Some Noodles™ journeyfrom the humble beginning of making women’s handbags to the lovely success of the My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® brand. I was looking for an image of the journey and found these road signs, that encapsulates the journey of the My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® range.



Now do note, I had to take this journey a few times to get to where I’m at – from women’s accessories (as previously mentioned), to babies and children’s wear, to other dolls and soft toys to now. So the “Result” of the previous ventures wasn’t as fruitful as I wanted, so I kept trying my hands at some “other” things along the way. I am fortunate that I have a very supportive husband who tells me, when ever I’m unsure of what I want to do, to just keep doing what I’m doing until I don’t enjoy it anymore.


This put my mind at ease and not pressure myself too much, which then allowed me to try other things. A few key learnings from the conference I went to were:

” Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” ~ Henry Ford (presented by Sarah Riegelhuth – Leading Female Entrepreneur)


And that if you were going to “fail … fail fast” ~ Jack Delosa (Gen Y Entrepreneur & Investor). From this I took on that if you are doing something that isn’t working, cut your loses quick and try something else.


My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® was the result of a “need” and differentiation. I had the need to utilise my small scraps of fabrics, as well as try something else as my other creations weren’t selling. Plus at the time (August 2011) the established handmade dolls on Facebook were of the bigger 18″ size, so I needed something to differentiate myself from the rest. So you could say, it was a calculated accidental creation 🙂


I follow some wonderful businesses on Facebook who have been silent mentors – those who have been kind enough to share on their status their own experiences – the good and the bad. I have taken their journey on board to guide me to decide the move I make. There has been one major lesson learnt though and that is NOT to compare yourself with someone else. We only see the surface of their own journey and not the support and/or struggles they had along the way. So, be inspired, but not compare.


So this is where I’m at: from January 2010, when I dusted off the sewing machine that had been sitting in the cupboard for 2 years, which I got hubby to buy me for Christmas of 2007 to do the hems of our pants, making handbags, purses, to children’s clothing, to other dolls and soft toys and who knows what other miscellaneous creations along the way, to NOW.


So now, as Buzz Lightyear says “To infinity, and beyond!”


6 thoughts on “Where I’m At …

  1. I envy your forward thinking Mariane, I need some of that right now! Sometimes it’s good to look back to see how far you’ve come.

  2. What a lovely post!
    If the business side of things ever means you need staff… I’d be interested! Just pay me In dolls! LOL

  3. Such an amazing journey you have taken and such great success. I am so happy that I found ver near the MTTD journey and got to witness your success and the ever growing cuteness of the MTTD range. Keep up the good work, you really are an inspiration to us other sewers

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