Here ye! Here ye! Ladies and gents, as promised, when I reached 3,679 Likers on my Facebook page I would hold a ballot for Virgin-MTTDs only! What the, what the?


Okay, the “Virgin” part refers to those likers of My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® (the MTTD part) that have never purchased any MTTDs – the 10″ ones which were the first version or the 11″ ones, which are the MTTD 2.0 version. This includes the “MY FIRST”, “The Originals”, “The Animals” (owls, bears, zebra or horse) or any of the”Dress-up” ones. It does not include the MTTD Palm Babies or any of my other softie creations that are not 10″/11″ tall.

“Purchased” as in paid me (PayPal/Direct Deposit) or in the process of paying me, through etsy, bigcartel, madeit.com (or any of the online shops I trialled LOL), Facebook or ballots. So, this means if you DO have an MTTD that was “given” to you as a gift, but you have never paid for one, guess what! You’re eligible. Okay, please let me know if there are any other queries re: this 🙂


So, if you qualify as a Virgin-MTTD, then you’re eligible to enter this ballot for a chance to win one of 5 x “Front of the Line Passes”.

This pass, will allow the owner to have first look and pick of my latest product releases. The order that the winners gets picked will be their order in line. So that means first person can either pick the MTTD they want first or wait until the next one until they like a particular MTTD. Or if say, 3 people like the same doll, whoever is line first gets first dibs!


Okay here’s how to enter:

  • One entry per person (identified by your e-mail address)
  • Your comment needs to have “SOLD” in it for it to be valid (no exception). Also, let me know which is your favourite(s) of the recent My Teeny-Tiny Dolls®. Click here

NB: Your comment will not be published immediately as I have to approve them first. So please do bear with me if you don’t see your comment right away, I’ll approve them when I’m at my computer.

  • Ballot closes on Sunday 22nd July 2012 9am (AEST – Sydney time)
  • I will comment “CLOSED” at 9am Sunday and any entries made after it will not be entered into the draw.
  • I will draw out winners via Random.org.
  • The 5 names picked out will have 3 hours from announcement to contact me or else the pass will be re-drawn (again no exception). So if you’ll be out and about on Sunday, do remember to check in (you can subscribe to the blog to get e-mail notification if you like).

If there is something you’re not clear about or I haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me on cookyousomenoodles@gmail.com or message me on Facebook

If there is something .

.The winners will have the choice to purchase one of the My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® ready for release later that night or save it for future releases. Here is just some of the sample of future MTTDs on offer:



So get commenting and Good Luck! ~ Mariane




202 thoughts on “5 x “FRONT OF THE LINE PASSES” Ballot

  1. SOLD! I’m absolutely busting to get my hands on one of your beautiful dolls for my very own beautiful little doll!

  2. SOLD!! would love to have the opportunity to purchase Gig or Dorothyi! Love them all but these too especially

  3. Sold!! I love all of them!! But if i had to choose today it would be your new Gigi or the My First MTTD. I fall in love every time you post!

  4. SOLD! My girls would love a special MTTD! Have been trying to get them one now for about 6 months
    Chantelle Brown

  5. SOLD! My favourite MTTD recently is Gigi. I also love the red heads, very cute. I would love a skater girl with converse shoes, would suit all the little tomboy girls out there. But as a ‘virgin’ CYSN I would love anything. LOL

  6. SOLD!! My favorite is the blue haired cutie with red striped leggings and flowered shirt, sorry I can’t find her name! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  7. SOLD! .. Gigi has been my all time fav since I first laid eyes on CYSN 🙂 but they are gorgeous and ive been trying so long I’d snag any little pretty!! “my first” would be the smartest Canadian choice hehe!

  8. Sold…. a superhero boy…….. Although the twins Rock and I wouldn’t have to deal with my boys fighting (for 5 minutes anyway!)

  9. Sold please. I would be over the moon with Macey, Livvy, Gigi, Dorothy or Audrey, whoever I am fortunate enough to receive. 🙂 x

  10. SOLD!! Ildikoki@gmail.com thanks 🙂
    I live the girls, especially the one With the long red ponytail,?and the girls with short blue and pink hair 🙂 (I can’t open the pict I my phone to get the names. ) Wednesday is cute too!!I also like the ballerinas 🙂 Thanks xxxx 🙂

  11. SOLD and my favorites are: Nene, Amelia, Neve II, Amber, Elle, Clare, Caroline, Cynthia & Bunny (and Windergirl, Red and Wenny) Tee hee! 🙂

  12. Sold! I love them all but if I had to choose one right now it would be Livvy – but my choice would change in 5 minutes!

  13. SOLD! I love something about all your dolls, but the moment I saw Gigi, I knew she was the one I’d been waiting for! xo

  14. Sold please!
    Love them all – would be happy with any!! (Do love Amber & Audrey but feel gulity chossing)

  15. Sold. Macey wearing a hat would be perfect for my little girl as she is always wearing a hat, even to bed. Have had to crochet another just to wash it! But I’d love anything! Everything crossed….

  16. SOLD!!! Pretty pretty please!!! Your dolls are gorgeous! I love your Dorothy & Lexie dolls!!! So cute!!

  17. A big, fat SOLD!! All are waaaaayyyyy too cute for words, but I definately have a place in my heart for Red and Livvy. Fingers, toes, heart and everything else crossed xx (Please and Thank you)

  18. SOLD!!!!! Please please please! I’m desperate to finally be able to get a doll before my litte girl is born in a few weeks, so my son can give her a special present! Dorothy, nene, Caitlin, I’m not fussy!

  19. Sold!!!! our favourites are Red, No.15 and the boys are great. Truly we just love your very creative MTTD’s and are most excited to see your latest characters……

  20. Sold please, I love them all but in this house we have a red head so would love a Lola, and the recent Gigi posts I’ve seen are extra cute! … But they all are ’cause your fab!

  21. Sold PLEASE!!!! Would Love either NeNe or Boo! Would be wonderful to win the ballot as 1. Have bag no dolly :0( 2. I’m to slow when you put them up for adoption and 3. I’ll be able to stop stalking as I only want one and happy to then browse and enjoy!!!! x Belinda Sargeant :0) CHEERS!!!!!

  22. Sold ❤ Thank you Mariane for this chance, fingers and toes and arms and legs and eyes are all crossed haha!!
    I love all your work, but in particular Lola (as my Miss almost 2 is a Lola) and Wondergirl and of course the adorable Boo. I love the Wonderboys too!!

  23. Sold please! I do love Wondergirl, but my all time favourite is Wenny. I live everything black and white!

  24. SOLD
    I love all your dolls but a few of my favourites are: Wenny, Boo, Livvy & Red 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to purchase 1 of these gorgeous dolls.


  25. Sold please 🙂 I have fallen totally I love with Amber!! But then think as I don’t have a girl, I should “celebrate the boy” and my boy would love Jack with his “plane” on the front (try telling this 2yo it’s a helicopter not a plane! Lol) Oh the dilemma… 😉

  26. Sold! Picking a favourite of all your beautiful dolls is the tricky bit but I do like the brunette Rosy as she looks like my little girl Ruby. Fingers and toes crossed now 🙂

  27. sold pretty please ❤ i know my darling little girls would
    adore caitlan and livvy.i on the other hand have too many favourites 😉

  28. Hi – I would like to enter the ballot to win a front of line pass to buy a MTTD doll. I love Red and can’t wait to buy her by commenting SOLD when she comes up. Thanks Rebecca 🙂

  29. SOLD, pretty pretty please!

    I love all your wonderful creations but I absolutely adore MY FIRST MTTD, Dorothy and Boo and I would love the opportunity to purshase one of these for my little girl 🙂

  30. SOLD!!! We would love a chance to have a little around here! I don’t think we could decide on a favorite; we love them all 🙂

  31. SOLD pretty please!! It’s way too hard to pick a favorite!! Every single doll you have created, I have fell in love with ❤
    I'm haven't been speedy enough to grab some of your awesomeness!! Xx

  32. Sold – I absolutely adore Nene, Audrey and Clare in the girls. Can’t go past Jack, Max and Stuart for the boys. ❤

  33. SOLD
    Its so hard to pick a favourite but here are a few of ours. Dorothy, Red, Amber and Wondergirl. Fingers, toes…infact everything crossed


    ….. Just want to make sure I have commented Sold 🙂 tehehe
    Of course I love them all but one of our favourites is MTTD Nene. Thank you xxx

  35. SOLD! What a great opportunity to pick up one of your gorgeous creations for my little guy’s 2nd b day next month ❤

  36. Sold please. I would love any of the following MTTDs – Amber, Sarah, Jules, Neve II, Asha, Belle, Stacey, Elle, Kelly, Willow, Boo, Caitlan, Dorothy 🙂 Thank you.

  37. SOLD! So hoping I get a My Teeny-Tiny Doll for my little princess! Our favourites are Nene, Lola and Red, but we love all of your beautiful creations! x

  38. “SOLD” pretty please with a cherry on top 🙂
    Its so hard to pick a favourite they are all so cute but if I ‘have’ to pick just 1 I would say My Teeny Tiny Doll Superhero Blue as it reminds me of my youngest son (he has brown hair and always wants to dress up as a superhero)

  39. SOLD. My favourite doll is a tough choice as they are all adorable but I loved the post of Wondergirl reading 50 shades.. I would probably choose a blonde/light brown haired girl like Nene to match my little girls…

  40. Sold! I think my favourites are a tie between mummy girl & Dorothy. They could have some fabulous adventures together!

  41. The ballot is now CLOSED. All entries made after this one will not be entered into the draw. I will tabulate all the entries and pick out 5 names and be back VERY VERY soon with the winners. Thank you all and a very Good Luck! ~ Mariane

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