My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Mummy-lady Ballot



Hello, hello. Yesterday, to celebrate Friday 13th I quickly “wrapped” up 2 MTTD Mummies




My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Mummy (on the left) is already taken and eagerly waiting to go to his new home on Monday. But MTTD Mummy-lady is yet to find her new home. So from now until 9am (AEST – Sydney time) tomorrow morning, I will open up a ballot for her. One person will have the opportunity to purchase her and take her home.



She measures 11″ tall and weighted with rice. She is made from 100% cotton white underlay and wrapped up in cheesecloth. Her bandages are stitched secured in spots, however because the bandages are designed to fray, it is not recommended for children under 3 and suitable for gentle play. Her ra-ra skirt is made from the same cheesecloth fabric and is removable. She is $70.00 + shipping.

If you would like the chance to purchase her, please comment below “SOLD” and if there are any superstitious things you follow on Friday the 13th or any other day. Please do ensure you include “SOLD” in your comment for it to be valid (no exception). Only one entry per person/e-mail address.

At 9am (AEST) tomorrow, I will comment “CLOSED” and all entries made after it will not be valid. I will draw out a name asap and announce who the winner is soon after that. The winner will have 24 hours to reply and payment must be made within 24 hours via PayPal or Direct Deposit.


Good luck! ~ Mariane

EDIT: Oh P.S. Your comments won’t appear straight away as I will have to approve it before it gets published. So if you don’t see yours, I’ll approve as soon as I get to my computer 🙂


61 thoughts on “My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Mummy-lady Ballot

  1. SOLD – I’m not superstitious I got married on Halloween and we made a tiny coffin as our ‘wishing well’ (not really Friday 13th I know)

  2. Sold 🙂
    I refuse to walk under ladders or scaffolding!
    and if I won’t touch a broken mirror unless I broke it because touching someone elses broken mirror transfers the bad luck… apparently 😛
    Mel x

  3. Sold 🙂 I think Friday the 13th is just like any other day, although in this case filled with cute MTTD mummies!

  4. Sold please……… I am not superstitious but have been told so many times about not putting new shoes on the table that I tend to feel funny about it

  5. Sold!! My superstitions are everyday I have to put my sock on my left foot 1st then continue onto the right foot otherwise it’s ‘ bad luck ‘ if I bump by elbow I have to bump the other one otherwise it’s ‘ bad luck’ if I drop the salt I have to throw it over my shoulder.. Unfortunatly I have started to do this with my kids!! 😦

  6. Sold. Trying to walk down the street without stepping on any of the cracks is always a fun game for any day not just Friday the 13th =)

  7. SOLD x100000000000000

    Never cut my nails on a Sunday
    Never Never Never leave new shoes on the bed…very bad luck!!!
    Always ‘touch wood’ to unjinx

    okay enough or you’ll just think I’m mad!

  8. SOLD Please!! I used to get scared when a black cat runs out in front of me, but now it doesnt bother me to much however I get worried when someone opens a umbrella inside or walks under a ladder………….now Friday the 13th will forever be remember as a happy day as my daughter got her FIRST TOOTH YAY!! Such an achievement for both her and me lol 😉

  9. SOLD 🙂 My husband I met on Friday the 13th 😉 so we dont feel it so unlucky for us but I will still to this day REFUSE to open an umbrella inside the house

  10. My wife wouldn’t let us bring the new pram inside until the baby was born.

    Don’t like black cats either

    Sold for my daughter

    • Thanks Luke 🙂 Never heard of the pram thing. The Filipinos have this thing of not having your elbow on the table and leaning your chin on your hand as it symbolises despair or something. So poor Aussie hubby gets told off when he does it at the dinner table LOL

      • Yep I can relate my wife is German but at least when I get ‘in trouble’ I don’t understand it. haha

  11. Sold. I avoid cracks in the pavement and ALWAYS salute magpies. I also cross my fingers when I walk over drains.

  12. Sold please 🙂

    Not the superstitious kind usually but I don’t walk under ladders, I try not to step on the cracks and I lift my feet when we cross train tracks in the car. I more think these things and alot more are due to my OCD tendencies more than superstition! Lol

  13. SOLD please xo i am superstitious when it comes to broken mirrors and ladders but not friday the 13th as its my sisters birthday

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