WINNERS of Yesterday’s My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ Ballot are …

Okay, what you’ve all been waiting for, whose homes are the 7 My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™  (MTTD) going home to.


Okay, the winners are … oh, before I announce the winners – sorry :P, remember you have 24 hours from the time of this post to contact me via e-mail to confirm purchase of your chosen MTTD You need to e-mail me your shipping address as well as your payment option (PayPal or Direct Deposit). If no response within 24 hours, please note, you will forfeit the win and another name will get picked out. Okay, housekeeping done. Let’s try that again … the ballot winners are …


“my favorite time of day is bedtime – cuddles with kids while tucking them in, and then maybe cuddles with hubby when they’re finally asleep ;)”


“My favourite time of the day – is when I get home from work, organise tea and then get on the net to see what’s been happening throughout the day (especially if I see new inventions from you) … before falling into bed.”


“I love getting my kids out bed in the morning, the look of love and excitement to see me is priceless :-)”


“my favourite time of the day is early morning, when the birds are starting to come out and everybody else is sleeping. It’s peaceful and relaxing.”


“My favourite time of the day?
The time when I wake up to the sound of my son tip-toeing into our bedroom each morning – around 6:30 – to say “Good morning Mummy, I love you!”


“My favourite time of day is 6:30am when my littlest munchkin wakes up and I bring her into bed with me for a feed. We snuggle under the doona together, and usually Miss 3 comes in not long after and jumps in bed too. We have lovely cuddles and chats before we get up for breakky :)”


And last, but not least  …


“My favorite time of day is the end of the day. Putting our kids to bed & cuddling with them helps remind me of all that is right in the world regardless of how our day went. We just had our third baby last week & the end of the day also allows me time to just sit & hold our new little guy.”


CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners: Michelle, Sharon, Bree, Kim U, Kim D, Ali and Wendy T. I look forward to hearing from you all soon 🙂


Once again, thank you to all that participated and sharing your favourite part of the day – so lovely! Catch up with you all again soon – Mariane xxx


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