NEW! My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ Ballot

Hello, hello. Well it’s 8am AEST (Sydney time). I am really hoping this schedule post works or that I got up in time for it. Nevertheless, here we are.


This time round, I have 7 My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ available to purchase via ballot. All the MTTDs are 11″ tall, made from cotton and wool blend fabrics. They are filled with polyfill for softness and the bottom of their bodies are weighted with rice. Currency is in Australian dollars. Shipping is $11.00 Registered Post – tracking + signature (Australia Wide) and approximately $12.00 International Regular Airmail (exact postage cost will depend on destination).


1. MTTD Emilie SOLD


2. MTTD Lexie SOLD


3. MTTD Leonard SOLD




5. MTTD Sarah SOLD


6. MTTD Lucas SOLD


And last but not least 7. MTTD Eddie the Bear SOLD


Now for your chance to win 1 out of 7 chances to purchase one of these My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ here’s how to enter:


  • One entry per person
  • Comment below in the order of preference, which of the MTTDs you would like to purchase if your name gets picked out.  If you don’t mind which, write the 7 names down in the order you prefer. Please note, if there is a particular one(s) you do not want to purchase, do not write down the name. In your entry/comment, also let me know your favourite time of day – why? Because imagine me reading through your entries with just the names of my MTTDs, not too exciting huh? Plus gives some lovely insight into my lovely likers 🙂
  • Ballot CLOSES 8pm tonight (AEST). I will make a comment “CLOSED” and all entries made after it will not be entered into the draw.

NOTE: Your comments are subject to approval before it gets posted up, so if you don’t see yours straight away, not to worry – I’ll try to approve as soon as it comes through.

I will randomly draw out 7 names, one at a time and based on your preference will be the MTTD you get the chance to purchase. I will announce the 7 winners’ names here on Wednesday morning 9am (AEST) 6th June, and also post about it on Facebook.

Winners will have 24 hours to reply from the time of announcement and if no response received within the time frame, another name will get picked out (no exception). Once accepted, the winners must pay immediately via PayPal or Direct Deposit (Australian residence only). Please be advised, no holds available.


Well my favourite time of the day is the mornings, because that’s when my 2 little guys give me the biggest smile and my good morning kiss – nothing beats that (even if it is way to early)


So, good luck all and happy commenting! – Mariane


123 thoughts on “NEW! My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ Ballot

  1. Kim Uibo – my favourite time of the day is early morning, when the birds are starting to come out and everybody else is sleeping. It’s peaceful and relaxing.

    With preference at all I would ❤ Lexie or Lilly or Leonard or Eddie
    Thank you lovely Mariane ❤

  2. Lucas, Eddie, Sarah. My favorite time of day is bedtime. By that time I am exhausted and relish some alone time! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Dusk – always leaves a good feeling in my heart.
    Lovely dolls as usual. I would love to purchase Lucas, Lilly and Lexie.

  4. My favourite time off the day is bedtime, I love my bed
    I would like to purchase Lilly, Lexie, Emilie and Sarah
    thankyou xx

  5. Lucas & Leonard please! My favourite time of day is morning (at a reasonable wake up hour and a good nights sleep) when my son comes in for warm cuddles and snuggles in bed with us.

  6. lucus. eddie. sarah. lexie. lilly great job as always x fave time of day is when i speak to my fiance on the phone as he works away. highlight of my day

  7. My favourite time of the day is 8pm! The kids are in bed and i can relax, watch tv and sew 🙂 i would love Emilie, Lily, Sarah, Lucas, Lexie or Eddie. Thanks

  8. Hmm favorate time of the day……I love all day everyday because I have 2 beautiful boys to spend it with:)but I must say I do love there bed time wich means my relax time lol I absolutely have to have Lucas ,Eddie bear or Leonard:)

  9. My favorite time of the day is morning, just to hear my little boy come in saying “morning mummy time to get up” and seeing the smile on my daughters face when I get her makes the day a happy one!
    I would like 1. Lily because she looks just like my daughter Lily 🙂
    2. Sarah because yellow is my fav colour
    3. Lucas my boy loves trucks so much it will just make his day 🙂

  10. My favourite time of the day is when the kids get out from school, i miss them while they are there 😦

  11. My favourite time of the day is right after each feed time for my little ‘animal’ ! After breakfast, lunch and dinner! Shes the most happiest when she’s got a full belly and we have so much fun playing!!
    I would love Lily, Emilie, Lexie or Lucas please!!

  12. 1. Sarah
    2. Emilie
    3. Lily
    4. Lexie

    My favorite time of the day is definitely the moment when I snuggle into bed ready for sleep. My bed is a very comfy, luxurious spot and I like to spend a lot of time there haha!

  13. My favorite time of the day is when I go in to get my son out of his cot in the morning and I’m greeted with a “Hi Mummy!” How could your heart not melt?!!
    I would love the opportunity to purchase Lucas please!! My little man would just adore him! 🙂

  14. Lily, Lexie, Sarah

    My favourite time is mornings as well – This morning I crawled into bed with my nearly 3 yr old daughter and had cuddles before she got up and then my little man (1 yr old) woke up and I got more snuggles before it was time to get up 🙂

  15. Fav time of day is in morning when Im greated by my two little girls happy faces as they awake. The smiles, kisses & cuddles I recieve are priceless & the best part of my morning & the great way to start each day

  16. My favourite time of the day is after the kids go to bed, when I sit down with a cuppa and talk on the phone to my sister, Mum or BFF. I would love the chance to buy Leonard, just because I am a super duper nerd 🙂 or Lily because her plaits are sooo cute

  17. I love

    My favourite time of the day is first thing in the morning when i get to have cuddles in bed with my girls and talk about all we are going to do before we start the day.

  18. Sarah
    My favourite time of day is when my little one sneaks in to my bed for her first morning cuddle. She is all warm and sleepy she gets in cuddles up and goes back to sleep, Heaven! (shhhh never wake the sleeping 4 year old)

  19. Sarah-Lily-Lexie-Lucas-Leonard-Emilie

    My fave time of the day is after all the good night kisses and tuck ins are done and I go snuggle up into bed with hubby and have a picnic and think to myself how lucky we are to have 7 beautiful children :))

  20. My fav time of the day is Just after bath time, we have a snuggle on the sofa before bed…….
    Lexie, Sarah, Lucas, lily, emilie, Eddie the bear.

  21. My favourite time of day is at sunset. We often have what we call “Sunset Food” with camembert, olives, good wine and great company!
    1. Sarah
    2. Lucas
    3. Emilie
    4. Lily

  22. Sarah, Lily or Emilie please 🙂
    Fave time of day is early evening when we are all together, except on the weekends I love it all…no work for hubby and no school for my son ❤

  23. My favourite time of the day at the moment would have to be nap time for my toddler 😀 she isn’t sleeping well at night and is a cyclone during the day so nap time is my recharge time 😀
    They are all gorgeous Mariane but in order of preference please:
    Thank you! x

  24. Good Morning Marian,

    I hope this finds you well.
    My favourite time of day is any that I can sit and read a book or peruse craft sites. What’s yours?

    I would love any of your MMTD’s. So in no particular order

    Emilie, Lexie, Leonard, Lily, Sarah, Lucas and Eddie

  25. Lexie, Lily, Sarah, Eddie the Bear, Leonard, Emilie, Lucas.
    My favourite time of the day is either early morning or late evening. The early morning holds the promise of what the day might bring and late evening is the chance to have some calm and peace with the hustle and bustle of the day finished.

  26. I love lexie!!!!

    My favorite time of the day is dinner time as we get to sit around the table and chat. Even though little miss just likes to chuck her food everywhere!!!!!

  27. Lucas please! My fave time is mornings too~ as it is fun seeing my boy after a night without him around!

  28. Lucas, Leonard, Sarah, Lily, Lexie and Emile – Love them all
    My favourite time of the day is 5am when the kids crawl in to bed with me to have huggles and kisses before they get one more little sleep in before we get up, just the best two warm little bodies snuggled up and that sweet baby smell that they have just gorgeous…..

  29. My fav time of the day kind of depends on the day, if we have appointments for our son (most days) it’s the evening, we get to splash in the bath, read some books and get snuggled while both kids have their milk before they go to bed and then I get to hang out with the husband, actually get things done and read a good book or try to remind myself how to sew. However if it’s a non appointment day I’m a bit more torn between that and Millie’s nap when Sam and I bake and paint and do the fun and messy home therapy stuff for sensory defficits rather than the more boring leg stretches and signlanguage learning etc. (and there are far less tantrums when I can put all my attention on him and his autism is far less likely to spiral)

    Ok now that your a bit less bored with name lists I’d like to say I love all your dolls but were going for the daughter today so lexie, Emile or lily thanks marrianne, your a super amazing lady with some rather pretty dolls (they are now the only sort I try to get on a regular basis) and you’ve inspired me over the last month ago to actually find my sewing machine after 10 years or so and see what I can do. Seriously big ups to you x

  30. My favourite time of the day is late in the evening, once all the kids are tucked up in bed, and my husband and I get to sit and actually have a conversation without interruptions.
    Outstanding beauties once again Mariane.
    My order of preference is:
    Thanks so much 🙂

  31. I would like Lexie or Lily (no preference as to which – Love them both)

    My favourite time of the day is seeing my 7 month old daughter’s face when her Dad gets home from work. He is her world she just adores him 🙂

  32. 1. Sarah 2. Lily 3. Lucas 4. Leonard
    My favourite time of day is when my alarm
    Goes off in the morn & although I struggle
    To get up I remind myself just how lucky I am
    To hear that alarm & be greeted with a new
    Fingers crossed & Thankyou

  33. Emilie please 🙂

    My favourite time of the day is coming home from work knowing that i will be able to see my partner or speak to my parents and be in a space that i receive my greatest happiness from.

    • Favourite time of day ! Morning when I wake up and see me beautiful happy bubby and her little smiling face ! ❤ xoxo

  34. My favourite time of the day is late evening when the kids are in bed the house is peaceful allowing me to read/sew.
    If I am lucky enough I would love…….Emilie, Sarah, Lucas, Lily or Lexie……any of your beautiful creations I am not fussy!!!

  35. Dusk when the sun is going down the ever changing sky is beautiful, bub is getting ready for bed and we are winding down! Perfect!
    Lexie lily Sarah emilie thanks x

  36. Hi Mariane,
    Would absolutely love every single one of your dolls…very very keen to add a CYSN creation to our family of dolls :). If i had to choose though, my order of preference would be:

    My fave time of the day is first thing in the morning when i hear my son wake up and happily start chattering away to himself in the cot. Also throughout then day when he randomly comes up to me and gives me a great big cuddle saying ” My Mummy” !.

    Have a lovely day today! xx

  37. I would love Emilie,Sarah,Lexie,Lily please. My fav time of day is first thing in morning when my little (blind) whippet Georgie snuggles up in bed and then is so excited and happy when she realises that I am awake.

  38. Hi Mariane,

    Favourite time of the day for me would be when my daughter first wakes up and I can see her beautiful smiling face or her bedtime when we get to have our special cuddle time 🙂

    We would love the chance to adopt either one of your beautiful treasures, hoping today is the day to welcome our very first MTTD! Would be grateful for the chance to purchase in this order:
    1. Leonard
    2. Lucas
    3. Lexie
    6. Lily

    Thankyou very much, I’m, crossing everything today! 🙂

  39. Emilie, Sarah, Lucas, Eddie, Leonard, Lily, Lexie- They are all just too cute. My facourite time of day is Dusk- all the beautiful colours out here in the country!! Can’t beat it.

  40. Hi Mariane
    My favourite time of day is just before bedtime, lots of cuddles and kisses and high fives from my gorgeous little ones 🙂
    I would totally be happy with any of your dolls, but ofcourse you already know that!!
    Lexie, Lily, Sarah, Lucus, Emilie
    Thanks xo

  41. Thank you for chance Mariane. Would happily welcome any teeny tiny doll but in order: lily, lexie, sarah, emilie, lenard, lucas and eddie. My favourite time of day oddly enough is 2am! Is when my baby wakes.for a feed and everyone else is asleep so it is just the 2 of distractions and i can just stare at him! Jo Humphrey

  42. Good Morning Mariane,
    My choices are: Lily, Lexie, Leonard, Sarah.
    Gorgeous work as always!! My fav time of the day…. Is the 20 or so minutes after My Teeny Tiny Toddler has woken up from her nap. We always have a long wake up cuddle in front of the TV. She gets a chance to get over her wake up grumpies and I get a lovely long cuddle and smooch and sometimes a little snooze myself! “Are you ok, Mum?”
    “I’m ok, my darling. Are you ok?”
    “Got a pwobwem!”
    “Oh no! What’s your problem, LoveLove?”
    “I tired!”
    Love her!!!

  43. Lexie, lily & Eddie.
    My favorite time of day is the end of the day. Putting our kids to bed & cuddling with them helps remind me of all that is right in the world regardless of how our day went. We just had our third baby last week & the end of the day also allows me time to just sit & hold our new little guy.

  44. Love them all but will list preferences (just don’t tell them – not supposed to have favourites!): Sarah, Lexie, Lucas, Emilie, Leonard, Lily, Eddie
    I love the evening watching the sunset followed by playtime, bath , stories & lots of cuddles + family “sandwiches” (group cuddles) – Daddy’s home and can join in. It’s special family time.

  45. Hi Mariane, Just have to say I’m so glad I came across you through a friend. Your beautiful Teeny Tiny Dolls are just gorgeous.
    My favourite time of the day – is when I get home from work, organise tea and then get on the net to see what’s been happening throughout the day (especially if I see new inventions from you) … before falling into bed.
    My preferences would be Emilie, Sarah, Lucas, Lily – gosh I hope my name comes out xx

  46. Sarah, Lexie, Lily 🙂
    I love the morning time beacause it’s the start of a brand new day full of new adventures with the kiddies (I have 2 kids, master 5 and little miss 7 1/2 months). However I also enjoy the evening when I can snuggle up with the kiddies and hubby at the end of a long day and just enjoy our ‘family time’ 🙂

  47. They are all so cute!!
    My order of preference is: Lily, Sarah, Lexie, Emilie, Lucas
    and my favourite time of day is the afternoons when I get to sit down & spend time with my little niece

  48. 1. Sarah 2. Lexie 3. Lily

    My favourite time of the day is 12 midnight. It’s usually when I go to sleep and it’s the only time I get to really switch off from everything else that I have to do, think about, plan for, etc.

  49. Another gorgeous selection Mariane. My first choice would be Lily & my second Lexie…thank you for the opportunity.
    My most fave time of day would definately be breaky time….chatting to the children, they sharing their dreams (of the night before, if any) and them always asking “what’s for dinner tonight Mum?” xx

  50. Sarah, Lexie & Lily. ~~~ My fave time of the day is when I lean over the cot in the morning and see my beautiful baby girl smile up at me. It warms my heart & is such a beautiful way to start the day.

  51. Sarah, Lily or Lexie. My favourite time of the day is just before I go to bed. I peek in on my little girl sleeping peacefully, the house is quiet and my head hits the pillow next to my husbands and the world seems perfect, til the next morning anyway! 🙂

  52. Love Lucas for my little man 🙂

    My favourite time of the day is book and bath time with my son (17wks old) He gets so excited, giggly and smiley …. Melts my heart every time 🙂 Would love Lucas to be his book reading buddy!!! Pleeeeaasseee 😉

  53. lexie, lily, sarah, lucas, leonard
    My favorite time of day is the evening when the work is done and you can relax and reflect of the day

  54. I forgot to write: favorite time of the day is dinner one, we are all together, enjoying each others company 🙂

  55. I love them all but really love Lucus and Sarah thanks for opportunity you are such a talented lady Marianne xxx

  56. Emilie, Lucas 🙂
    My favourite time of the day is after dinner time, kids are bathed, fresh and in their jammies, dishes are done and time to sit back and reflect on the day that was with my precious family…

  57. My favourite parts of the day are when, my children say, “I love you Mum!”, and wrap their little arms around me, for a cuddle. 🙂
    and for the dollies…..1. LUCAS, 2. EMILIE, 3. LEONARD, 4. SARAH, 5. LEXIE, 6. LILY 7. EDDIE

  58. Lily or Emilie

    My favourite time of day is morning. Lots of cuddles & kisses from my little man & lots of big smiles & giggles from my princess when she realises it’s time to get up.

  59. Hi Mariane! My favourite time of day depends on where I am. At work it’s bedtime, as I’m exhausted and finally left to my own devices, but when I’m at home it’s the morning because I love waking in my own bed and then I get up and make myself a soy latte and plonk on the lounge to watch the Nigella Lawson shows on the Food Channel I tape on IQ for when I get home!

    I’d like Sarah and then Emilie please!

  60. Hi Marianne, This is my first MTTD ballot, exciting. Leonard for me please if I’m so lucky to be drawn. My favourite time of the day is sunset, I just wish I saw it more often!

  61. 1. Sarah
    2. Lucas
    3. Lexie
    4. Lily
    5. Emilie
    My favourite time of day is when I get home from work and my two boys arrive home after my husband collects them from their grandparents as I get cuddles and even the worst day is made better by seeing their gorgeous faces.

  62. Leonard, Sarah and Lucas.
    My favourite time of day is 6:30am when my littlest munchkin wakes up and I bring her into bed with me for a feed. We snuggle under the doona together, and usually Miss 3 comes in not long after and jumps in bed too. We have lovely cuddles and chats before we get up for breakky 🙂

  63. They really are gorgeous!
    I’d love Sarah or Lucas.
    My favourite time of day is when I get up before my toddlers: make a cup of tea, start a load of washing, write my to-do list. It makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. Then the kids wake up and I’m thrown into a frenzy! But for those few minutes of quiet, I’m totally at peace.

  64. Lexie

    My favourite time of day is sometime between 6 and 7am when my bubba wakes up. As soon as I walk into his room, his face cracks into the biggest smile followed by a ‘what took you so long mummy, I missed you!’ facial expression which makes my heart melt 🙂

  65. Lucas, Lilly, Sarah & emilie.
    My favorite time of day is first thing in the morning seeing little Shanyah’s smiling face x

  66. 1. Lucas
    2. Sarah

    My favourite time of day at the moment is 7pm – bedtime for the babies! Although Miss almost 3 is struggling to go to sleep so it’s probably closer to 8pm – peace and quiet at last!

  67. Hi Marianne

    Thank you again for this opportunity! Let’s hope I can add to my MTTD Collection! I LOVE them all 🙂 In order:
    LUCAS (for my son who is LUKAS)

    My favourite time of the day is tucking all my little ones (3 of them) into bed, reading them a bedtime story and giving them all BIG cuddles and kisses. Then the heart melting moment of hearing them say ‘ night mummy, I love you’ AWWWWWWW just deliscious! It’s like putting the cherry ontop of the cake 🙂

    Thank you and good luck to everyone xx

  68. Hi Mariane, my favorite time of day is bedtime – cuddles with kids while tucking them in, and then maybe cuddles with hubby when they’re finally asleep 😉
    My preference is: Lexie, Sarah, Lily, Lucas, Emilie, Leonard, Eddie…but they are all gorgeous. Thanks 🙂

  69. Forgoot to say my favourite time of day is when the kids first get up. They are happy, rested and more impotantly so am I!

    Another good time is when they go to bed…but sshhh that’s just between you and me.

  70. I love them all but if I had to choose an order would say Emilie, Lucas, Lexie, Sarah, Lily, Eddie and Leonard. My favourite time of the day is when my kids come home from school, love having a chat and hearing all about their day. Love that I can work from home and spend all day with my youngest.

  71. Oh my goodness! Could this be an early birthday surprise for me?! 🙂 I love them all so much! If i’m lucky enough to have one come to my home, i’d love: Lexie, Leonard, Lily, Lucas, Sarah, Emilie! My favourite part of the day would have to be picking up my Master 5 from school and hearing about his day of fun & learning 🙂

  72. I would love either lily or Lexi! My favorite time of the day is when my head hits the pillow at night, and you can finally switch off and relax( sometimes!).

  73. 1. Sarah
    2. Lily
    3. Lucas
    4. Emilie
    5. Lexie
    My favourite time of the days is COFFEE TIME! Coffee time usually occurs at random moments of desparation throughout the day 🙂 Oh, and I do love a good cuppa whilst I am browsing all the beautiful Business pages here on Facebook (esp CYSN!)
    Cheers! Lana xo

  74. 1. Sarah
    2. Lily
    3. Lucas
    4. Emilie
    5. Lexie
    My favourite time of the day is COFFEE TIME! Coffee time usually occurs at random moments of desparation throughout the day 🙂 Oh, and I do love a good cuppa whilst I am browsing all the beautiful Business pages here on Facebook (esp CYSN!)
    Cheers! Lana xo

  75. Oh I would love to be able to give my first child a doll for her first birthday. She loves dolls and would love to have one of your GORGEOUS dolls to add to her collection of teddys and dolls. it lights up her face having a new doll, They are not just a doll for her they are family and friends to her, she showers them with so much love and cuddles and she would do the same to one of yours if she was so lucky to get one this time round 🙂
    we would love: Sarah, Lucus, Emilie, Lexie, Lily, Eddy the bear and Leonard 🙂 Good luck to us and everyone 🙂

  76. My favourite part of the day is when my daughter comes home from kindy to tell me about her day 🙂
    I would love Lexie or Lily!
    Thanks Mariane.

  77. 1. Sarah
    2. Lily
    3. Lexie
    4. Lucas
    5. Emilie

    My favourite time of day is the evening, the kids have all had a bath and we sit in our PJ’s reading books or playing a board game just before we have snuggles and then they get tucked into bed ❤

    Nicole Allen

  78. I would love Lily or Lexi and my favourite time of the day is bath time with the kids, followed by bed.

  79. My favourite time of day is 5:30pm, bub is in bed and I get to watch the Brady Bunch, my fave! haha i love old skool 🙂

    I’d love to purchase Lily or Lexie

    Thank you!


  80. 1. Lexie
    2. Lily
    My favourite time of the day is when my baby girl wakes up and when I go to get her from her cot I am greeted by the biggest smile!
    At the moment though this is happening at 5am, which is my least favourite time of the day! Haha.
    What a good idea to have everyone do this. Xxxxxx

  81. Lexie, Sarah, Lily, Emilie, Leonard, Lucas and Eddie. I am so looking forward to the day that we have one of your gorgeous creations in our home!!
    I love getting my kids out bed in the morning, the look of love and excitement to see me is priceless 🙂

  82. My favourite time of the day is just before my Princesses go to bed. We snuggle on the couch with a story and then I get kisses and cuddles without having to ask for them!
    In order of favourites, its hard but I love lSarah, lily and Lexi in that order.
    Love your work.

  83. My favorite time of the day is bedtime, especially in Winter when you snuggle down under the doona!

  84. Lucas, Eddie,Sarah,Emilie

    I have so many times of the day that I love but my top two are:

    7PM as I’m putting my eldest boy to bed (19months) because he gives the best cuddles with back pats, babbles away about his day (mostly guessing that part!) and once I’ve done his sleeping bag up he says ni night, bye bye whilst waving and blowing kisses. Grabs his teddy and rolls onto his belly to sleep ❤ love it!!

    My other one is dream feeding my youngest boy (4.5 months) as its such a special time and it's the only feed I Get to give him where there isn't a (adorable) toddler climbing all over us! And I love how I can just stare at him and drink him in trying to burn the image into my memory as I know he'll be a crazy little Toddler running around very soon most likely a Daddy's boy like his brother where I never get a look in any more LOL!!

  85. My favorite time of day is when I tuck my boys in. There is nothing more peaceful and beautiful than watching my boys when they sleep. It feeds my soul.
    My Teddy would like MTTD Lucas or Eddie please xx

  86. Sarah

    My fav time is taking my boys to school and to see how proud they are to show me their work from the day before. We picked Sarah in the yellow cause our nursery is yellow and we can’t wait to have another little boo in our family.

    xx ta

  87. Spending time with my children after a day at work!


  88. My favourite time of the day is anytime i gets cuddles and kisses from my grandsons! I would like Emilie, Lily, Lexie, sarah, Lucas or Eddie

  89. My favourite time of the day is picking my beautiful babies (not so much any more) up from Kinder or Daycare, the way they make me feel is priceless! We would love one of the girls – Lily, Lexie or Sarah. xox

  90. My favourite time of the day is when the kids are asleep. My wife asked me to enter for Emilie, Lily, Lexie, Sarah, Lucas and Eddie

    • OOPS! My favourite time of day is when I get home from an early shift at work, check facebook for all the great handmade creations and “chat” to friends.

  91. You’re dolls are as gorgeous as ever!
    My favorite time of the day is Friday afternoons schools out, takeaway night, a bit of footy, the wines cold and I’ve my trusty iPhone to surf Facebook.
    To the dolls I really love Emilie, then Sarah .
    Thanks xx

  92. They are all so gorgeous Mariane
    my faves would be Sarah, Lily, Emilie & Lexie

    best time of the day – if I’m at work – the moment when I pick my kids up from daycare – nothing beats those smiles, squeals and hugs
    if I’m at home – bath time – because they both adore it so much

    best of luck to everyone!!

  93. Hi Mariane, gorgeous MTTDs as always 🙂
    I’d love Leonard, Lilly then Eddie. My favourite time of day is just after my bubba wakes up in the morning. The sleepy loves and snuggles is just the best.

  94. Thery are all so cute!!!
    I would happily buy any of them, but my top 4 in order are;


    My favourite time of the day?
    The time when I wake up to the sound of my son tip-toeing into our bedroom each morning – around 6:30 – to say “Goodmorning Mummy, I love you!”

    Have a great night xx

  95. My favourite time of day would have to be just before my children’s bedtime, as it is story & snuggle time 🙂

    I would love the opportunity to purchase MTTD Lucas as he would be the most perfect MTTD for my train obsessed little boy :-))

    Good luck to everyone! xx

  96. I would love to win Lucas Leonard or Eddie bear!I love all day everyday as I am blessed with 4 beautiful kids and 9 amazing grand children to spent my days with:)

  97. My favourite time of the day in when we hear our little boy’s foot steps in our room and he comes and gives us a kiss and cuddle to wake up.
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to buy one of your lovely dolls.
    I would like to try for Lexie, Lily or Lucas 🙂

  98. My favourite time of the day is first thing in the morning when I get good morning cuddles from hubby and my gorgeous kids 🙂

    I would love Sarah 🙂

    Love your work!!

  99. We love them all so would be happy to welcome anyone of them into our family. Favorite time of day is when I come from work to be greeted by my little boy & wife – always with a smile and a kiss!

  100. *think singing* ooohhh Emilie, don’t you belong with me?

    Saraaaah, I wish I could rhyme bettttaaaah.

    My favourite time of the day? when my little angels are asleep. I could be wringing my hands and ripping my hair out, but 5 minutes later when they’re in blissful slumber I wonder why I don’t have any more kids…. (but I also love any time I get a smile and a “love you” out of them)

  101. I would to win little Lexie. My favourite time of the day is night time when everyone has gone to bed and it so quiet and its me time 🙂

  102. My face time of the day is usually when hubby gets home, love to see the kids faces as they run excitedly to him, makes me so happy!

    I would love Lexie or Lilly ❤

  103. BALLOT IS NOW CLOSED. All other comments/entries made after this one will not be entered into the draw. I thank you all for your time and what a lovely thing to know that even as hectic our day-to-day lives might me, it’s the most simple things in life that’s important – ooh all philosophical now. But really, THANK YOU!

    I’ll announce the winners tomorrow from 9am. have a fantastic night and catch up soon. Mariane xxx

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