My Teeny-Tiny Doll™ Red Ballot – CLOSED

*** BALLOT IS NOW CLOSED. No more entries please, thank you ***

Well, it’s just past 4am and I can’t sleep – napped after dinner :/

So I thought I’d put up a teeny-tiny ballot for my lovely blog subscribers for an MTTD Red.


She is 11″ tall, Strawberry Shortcake inspired and made from cotton fabrics and is filled with polyfill for softness and the bottom of her dress is weighted with rice. Her hair is made from wool blend felt and she will be made to order (Please allow up to 10 working days for her to be made).

If you would like the chance to purchase her, please comment “SOLD” below (one entry per person) and tell me your favourite colour and why.

Now myself, I don’t have a favourite colour, but I seem to buy lots of white tops and grey cardigans. I pop the colour in the rest of my outfit, and at the moment it’s with coloured jeans.


The ballot will only be open until 12pm today (AEST) i.e. Tuesday 29th May 2012. When the time is up, I will comment “CLOSED” and all comments made after it will not be in the draw.

.I will draw out one name and announce the winner later on in the day and they will have 24 hours to respond and make payment via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

.Now remember, I will need to approve comments first before they appear, so if you don’t see it straight away, I will approve as soon as I get back to the computer.


Good luck!


57 thoughts on “My Teeny-Tiny Doll™ Red Ballot – CLOSED

  1. Sold – I love pink; I always have since I was tiny. I always be wearing something pink, most of the time it’s the nail polish on my toes ❤

  2. Oh yes please!!
    I wear mostly black and add splashes of colour like the Teal high waisted scalloped shorts I bought last week and teal loose off the shoulder tee I also bought last week (whoops!!) so I suppose my favourite colour of the week is TEAL!

  3. Sold!!! My favourite colour most of my life has been blue not sure why but as i have gotten older pink has come into my heart as well. ❤

    • Damn it did it again lol never read emails when half asleep lol.
      My fav colour is Red as as I love Christmas I’m talking over the top love Christmas it’s not about the gifts it’s more about the feeling Christmas gives you.

  4. Hi Mariane -SOLD…my fave colour is purple…always like the colour in all it’s different shades.

  5. Sold please please please! My favourite colour changes all the time! Currently is green because my son is in love with kermit the frog!

  6. SOLD! My favourite colour at the moment is apple green and I just love how vibrant and fresh my gorgeous green beaded necklace looks against a black dress. Makes me happy!

  7. Sold! My favourite colour this season is orange it is so happy and positive colour which warms up a cold winter brrrrrrrrrrrr!

  8. SOLD! My favourite colour is anything pastel. It’s just a shame I can’t wear anything pastel as it washes me out!

  9. Sold…I love all colour but I’m always drawn to blue, most of my wardrobe is varies shades of it and I think it comes from my love of the sea and from my life in the uk where you never saw a blue sky haha!

  10. oooh good morning Mariane …… Sold, my favourite colour has always been shades of blue – aaaaahhhh because it is so calming.

  11. Sold 🙂 my fav colour is green I think the right shade is very calming 🙂 but I love to wear red 🙂 thanks!

  12. Sold please! I always love blues as it reminds me of a tropical island! At the moment i love citrus (the fluoro yellow style!) Might be a flashback for me to the 80’s!!

  13. Sold please 🙂
    My fave colour is green, always a fresh bright colour I live in the country so love the green paddocks, trees etc 🙂
    (not my fave colour to wear though im a black and red or purple girl for clothes)

  14. Sold please! My favourite colour at the moment is purple – I love all the different shades, and it goes so nicely with denim!

  15. Sold please, my favourite colour has always been orange because I’m an 80’s kid and have always loved orange lipstick lol

  16. Sold. Please ! My favourite colour is black for clothing and white for everything else, im not the most colourful person for me but my daughter loves rainbows so I think that makes up for it 🙂

  17. Sold please…yellow followed closely by pink are my favourite colours! I think they are such cheerful happy colours although I mainly wear black at the moment…7 months pregnant and trying to disguise the extra weight my ice cream cravings have added hehe!!!

  18. Sold! My favourite colour is blue but I’m wearing black today to match the gloomy weather. WIsh it was sunny!

  19. SOLD PLEASE – my favourite colour has always been pink, its just very sassy so I usually have a little splash of pink on my nails, my daughter said it best she says, pink is just so pretty and it makes me happy. 🙂

  20. Sold 🙂 Red has always been my favorite colour! I’ve always thought it had a strong emotional feeling… I can’t think of an exact reason, I’ve just always loved it. 🙂

  21. Sold, my favour colour is red. the front door of my new house is fire engine red, love it because its a statement and a certain special someone in my life is a redhead!

  22. Sold please. And as for favourite colours, I can’t pick just one, I love them all and have a new favourite everyday!

  23. SOLD!! Being a redhead myself and my daughter having red hair, I believe every girl with red hair should stand tall and proud of it, just like this precious little MTTD is!! She would be very loved in our house!!

  24. Sold and my fave colour is RED as I was a bit of a tomboy and never liked pink. Most girly clothes are in pink and red, so red it was.xx

  25. sold please Marianne 🙂 I always loved peach and pink as a child but as an adult randomly decided it was green! Most of my kitchenware, utensils and knock knacks are various shades of green

  26. Sold please Marianne:) my favourite colours were peach and pink as a child but as an adult it randomLy changed to green! Most of my kitchenware, utensils and knock knacks are various shades of green!

  27. Sold – she’s gorgeous – I have a few fav colours – but blue, red & pink are my fav favs LOL

  28. The ballot is now CLOSED! Thank you to those that entered. Will have a name picked out after lunch and announce here and Facebook the winner, who’ll have 24 hours to respond and make payment. Chat soon! Mariane

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